[79a - 16 lines; 79b - 38 lines]

1)[line 2]עצם כשעורהETZEM K'SE'ORAH (TUM'AS ATZAMOS)

(a)The bones of a Mes are only Metamei through Ohel (see Background to Eruvin 78:30) under one of three conditions:

1.They constitute a quarter of a Kav (Rova ha'Kav);

2.They consist of the majority of the body (whether they are the majority of the build (Rov Binyano) of the human body or the majority of the number (Rov Minyano) of 248 bones;

3.The bone is a complete skull or a complete spinal column.

(b)In order to be Metamei through Maga (touching) and Masa (carrying), it is enough for the bone to be the size of a Se'orah (grain of barley)

2)[line 2]בקליפתהB'KELIPASAH- in its husk

3)[line 6]שבולת מיקריSHIBOLES MIKRI- it is called a Shiboles, an ear of barley

4)[line 7]אושלא מיקריUSHLA MIKRI- it is called Ushla, a term for peeled barley

5)[line 10]מיתבא דעתיהMEYASVA DA'ATEI- his hunger pangs are stilled

6)[last line]נטלו במפהNETALO B'MAPAH- he took hold of it with a towel, napkin


7)[line 8]דקשייתאD'KASHYASA- of pits

8)[line 8]וסריחU'SERI'ACH- and a little more

9)[line 14]אכילת עראיACHILAS AR'AI- a snack, less than a k'Beitzah

10)[line 14]אכילת קבעACHILAS KEVA- a regular meal, a k'Beitzah

11)[line 18]במיני תרגימאB'MINEI TARGIMA- (a) with treats, dessert (dried or cooked fruits, etc.) (RASHI here and to Sukah 27a); (b) fruit and meat, eaten without bread (RASHBAM Pesachim 107b)

12)[line 23]שאורSE'OR- sourdough, a very heavily fermented dough that is mixed with fresh dough to cause it to rise

13)[line 25]שאין חמוצו קשהSHE'EIN CHIMUTZO KASHEH- it is not a strong leavening agent

14)[line 33]עד כמה מזמניןAD KAMAH MEZAMNIN- what is the minimum amount

15)[line 33]עד כזיתAD K'ZAYIS- at least a k'Zayis