12th Cycle Dedication

ERCHIN 18 - Dedicated in honor of Mordechai ben Moshe ha'Kohen, by Josh Rebbi Danziger of Cliffside Park, New Jersey.


WHAT JOINS FOR CHALAH? (Yerushalmi Chalah Perek 1 Halachah 1 Daf 2b)

תמן תנינן איזו מין במינו החיטים אין מצטרפין עם הכל אלא עם הכוסמין. השעורין מצטרפין עם הכל חוץ מן החיטים.


Question (Mishnah): Which is the same species (with which the grains join for Chalah)? Wheat joins only with spelt, and barley join with everything, except for wheat. (Our Mishnah connotes that all five join with each other!

ר' יוסי אמר ליה סתם. ר' יונה בשם ר' יוחנן תמן בנשוך וכאן בבלול.


Answer (R. Yosi himself, and R. Yonah citing R. Yochanan): There [it discusses] Nashuch (the doughs touched, and if one separates them, part of one will stick to the other), and here [they were] mixed [together].

תני ר' חייא כן וכולן שבללן תבואה קמחים ובציקות מצטרפות (עירס) [צ"ל עם - אור זרוע א:ריד, פסקי חלה לרשב"א שער א] ראשי עיסיות


(R. Chiya): All [doughs] that were mixed together, grain, flour or doughs join [to complete the Shi'ur for Chalah if they are connected to] the ends of the doughs.

א"ר יוסי וההן נשוך לאו כמעורס הוא. את אמר אינו מצטרף והכא [צ"ל נמי - ר"ש סיריליו] אינו מצטרף.


Rebuttal (R. Yosi): The case of Nashuch, is this not like joining the ends, and you say that [different species] do not join? Also here, they do not join! (We explained this like OHR ZARU'A.)

מהו שילקו על חלתן דבר תורה.


[If all five species were mixed together], is [a Zar] lashed mid'Oraisa for [eating] their Chalah?

ר' יונה בשם שמואל רבי יוסי רבי אבהו בשם רבי שמעון בן לקיש אין לוקין על חלתן דבר תורה


Answer (R. Yonah citing Shmuel, and R. Yosi citing R. Avahu citing Reish Lakish): He is not lashed mid'Oraisa for their Chalah.

א"ר יעקב בר אחא ר"ש בן לקיש כדעתיה דאיתפלגון הפיגול והנותר [צ"ל והטמא - ר"ש סיריליו] ששחקן רבי יוחנן אמר לא ביטלו זה את זה ור"ש בן לקיש אמר ביטלו זה את זה.


(R. Yakov bar Acha): Reish Lakish like he taught elsewhere, for [he and R. Yochanan] argued about Pigul, Nosar and Tamei that were mixed. R. Yochanan said, they were not Mevatel each other. Reish Lakish said, they were Mevatel each other.


Note: Our text is difficult, for 'they were Mevatel each other' connotes that no Isur remains. If there are only two (Pigul and Nosar), only the minority can be Batel! The text in Zevachim 78a includes Tamei, and says 'she'Balelan' (he mixed them together) in place of 'she'Sachkan', but I did not find anyone with this text in the Yerushalmi.

א"ר יוסי ולא דמיין תמן אמר זה אסור וזה אסור. ברם הכא שני דברים רבים על א' ומבטלין אותו. וכבר ביטלו עד שלא נעשו איסור.


Rebuttal (R. Yosi): These are different! There, this is Asur [by itself] and this is Asur [by itself. Therefore, R. Yochanan says that there is no Bitul. However,] here, two matters [of Heter, i.e. different species, each of which is less than the Shi'ur Chalah] are the majority over one, and they are Mevatel it, and it is already Batel before there is an Asur (a dough obligated in Chalah).


Note: The GRA explicitly says that we discuss five grains mixed together; the next line supports this. 'Two are the majority over one' is not essential; the same applies if two grains were mixed, and one is the majority over the other. Perhaps the Gemara did not discuss a mixture of two, for there is an opinion that one can make them exactly equal, and then there is no Bitul. (PF)

אילו (אמר) [אחד] עשה חמש עיסיות מחמשה מינין ועירבו ואמר רבי שמעון בן לקיש אין לוקין על חלתן דבר תורה יאות:


Had one made five doughs (each is a Shi'ur by itself), and he mixed them, and Reish Lakish said 'he is not lashed mid'Oraisa for their Chalah, properly (you could say that this is like he taught elsewhere, and R. Yochanan disagrees).

הלל הזקן היה כורך שלשתן כאחת.


Hillel ha'Zaken used to wrap all three (Pesach, Matzah and Maror, and eat them) as one.

א"ר יוחנן חלוקין על הלל הזקן


(R. Yochanan): [The other Tana'im] argue with Hillel ha'Zaken. (They say that if one does so, they are Mevatel each other.)

והא ר' יוחנן כורך מצה ומרור.


Question: R. Yochanan wraps Matzah and Maror!

כאן בשעת המקדש כאן שלא בשעת המקדש


Answer #1: Here is at the time of the Mikdash (all are Torah Mitzvos, so they are Mevatel each other), and here is at a time when there is no Mikdash (only Matzah is mid'Oraisa, so Maror is not Mevatel it).

ואפילו תימר כאן וכאן בשעת המקדש שני דברים רבים על אחד ומבטלין אותו.


Answer #2: You can even say that here and here is at the time of the Mikdash. Two matters are the majority over one, and they are Mevatel it. (R. Yochanan holds that Efshar Letzamtzem; he took exactly the same amount of Matzah and Maror, so neither was Mevatel the other - HA'GAON RAV C. KANIEVSKY, SHLITA).

רבי יוסי בשם רבי אלעזר כשם שאין (האיסורין מבטלין זה את זה כך אין המצות מבטלות) [צ"ל המצות מבטלות זה את זה כך אין האיסורין מבטלין - ר"ש סיריליו] זו [דף ג עמוד א] את זו:


(R. Yosi citing R. Elazar): Just like Mitzvos are not Mevatel each other, so Isurim are not Mevatel each other.


Note: We explained this like R. SHLOMO SIRILIYO. R. Elazar can hold that all agree to Hillel, and R. Elazar extrapolates to Isurim. According to our text, why was it obvious to him that Isurim are not Mevatel each other? He did not say 'according to R. Yochanan...'! (PF)

רבי יהושע דרומיא בעי עשה עיסה מחמשת המינין וחזר ועשה חמש עיסיות ממין א' ועירבו. חיטים שבו מהו שיבטלו חיטים שבו ושעורין שבו מהו שיבטלו שעורין שבו


Question (R. Yehoshua of the south): If one made a dough from the five species, and then made five doughs, [each] from one species, and mixed them (touched them to the first dough) - is wheat in it (the dough of wheat) Mevatel (i.e. join with) wheat in it (the first dough), and is barley here Mevatel (join with) barley here?

א"ר חייא בר אדא לא כן אמר רבי יוסי שני דברים רבים על אחד ומבטלין אותו.


Answer (R. Chiya bar Ada): Didn't R. Yosi say that [even R. Yochanan agrees that] two matters [of Heter] are the majority over one, and they are Mevatel it?! (It is as if there is no wheat in the first dough, and no barley... Surely they do not join!)

לא צורכה דלא עשה חמש עיסיות מחמשה מינים ועירבן וחזר ועשה חמש עיסיות מחמשה ולא עירבן. חיטין שכן מהו שיבטלו חיטים שכן ושעורי' שכן מהו שיבטלו שעורים שכן:


Correction: Rather, he asked if one made doughs from five species, and mixed them (but did not knead them together. Each species is divided into several scattered pieces, but every piece is recognizably from one species, so Bitul does not apply), and returned and made five doughs from five [species, each from one species], and did not mix them (he only touched them to the first dough). Is wheat (the dough of wheat) Mevatel (i.e. join with) wheat here (in the first dough), and is barley here Mevatel (join with) barley here? (Even though nothing is Batel in the first dough, perhaps they do not join, for no species is connected. Other species interrupt between the pieces of wheat, and between the pieces of barley... We explained this like R. ISAR ZALMAN MELTZAR.)