[20a - 40 lines; 20b - 37 lines]

1)[line 9]דבר שטיאBAR SHATYA- (lit. a fool) a person who was at times normal and at times mad or deranged

2)[line 10]שוטהSHOTEH - (lit. a fool) a person who is mad or deranged

(a)A person is classified as a Shoteh if he regularly, because of madness, destroys or loses that which is given to him, sleeps in a cemetery, goes out alone at night or tears his clothes (Chagigah 3b). According to the RAMBAM (Hilchos Edus 9:9), a person is a Shoteh if he regularly exhibits a form of irrational behavior.

(b)A Shoteh is exempt from performing Mitzvos and is not punished for his transgressions. His purchases and sales are meaningless and are not binding.

3)[line 11]כשהוא חלים זביןKESHE'HU CHALIM ZAVIN- he sold his properties when he was sane

4)[line 13]חזקה דאבהתיהCHAZAKAH D'AVHASEI- proof that the properties had once belonged to his father (and he inherited them)

5)[line 21]שקרא עליו ערערSHE'KARA ALAV IR'ER- the validity of which was challenged [in court]

6)[line 28]ובשופיUV'SHOFI- and openly; without protest from other parties


7)[line 7]דרמאי אנפשאי ואדכריD'RAMA'I A'NAFSHAI V'ADKERI- I [contemplated the event and] caused myself to remember [the details]

8)[line 8]התלוליותHA'TELULIYOS- the mound of earth used as graves