YOMA 28 (3 Teves) - Today's Dafyomi material has been dedicated in memory of Hagaon Rav Yisroel Zev Gustman ZT"L (author of "Kuntresei Shiurim") and his wife, Rebbetzin Sarah Gustman (daughter of Hagaon Rav Meir Bassin, Dayan in Vilna) in honor of Rebbetzin Gustman's Yahrzeit. Sponsored by a number of Rav Gustman's Talmidim (Harav Naftali Weinberg, Harav Avraham Feldman, Michael Starr and Rav Mordecai Kornfeld).


VERIFYING THAT IT IS TIME FOR SHECHITAH (Yerushalmi Perek 3 Halachah 1 Daf 13b)

מתני' אמר להן הממונה צאו וראו אם הגיע זמן השחיטה אם הגיע הרואה אומר בורקי מתיה בן שמואל אומר האיר פני כל המזרח עד שבחברון והוא אומר הין:


(Mishnah): The appointee told them "go see if the time for Shechitah arrived." If it came, the one who sees says "Borkai." Masyah ben Shmuel says, "did the entire eastern sky until Chevron light up?", and he says "yes".

גמ' מהו בורקי ברקת


What [does he say]? Borkai Barekes (the illuminator is illuminating);

תמן אמרין ברוק ברוק' אנהר מנהרא


There (in Bavel), they say [that he says] Berok Berokah, the illuminator is illuminating.

ועד אחד נאמן


Question: Is one witness believed [about this]?

שנייא היא הכא (שאין את) [צ"ל שאת - קרבן העדה] יכול לעמוד עליו וחש לומר עד דו עליל ונפק היא מנהרא חכימא היא מילתא


Answer: Here is different, for [others] can know. He fears to say until light comes out, for there is a Chachmah to the matter (if he saw above, it should be visible below very soon. People are not suspected to lie about matters prone to become known. We explained that this is all one answer, like R. CHANANEL.)

אמר עד אחד נולד איש פלוני בשבת מלין אותו על פיו חשיכה מוצאי שבת מטלטלין (אותו - אור זרוע ואחרים מוחקו) על פיו


If one witness said that Ploni was born on Shabbos, we circumcise him on [the next] Shabbos, based on his words. [If one witness said that] it became dark on Motza'ei Shabbos, we may move things [in Reshus ha'Rabim - HA'GAON RAV C. KANIEVSKY, SHLITA] based on him.


Note: The same should apply to any Melachah! Why does it specify Hotza'ah? I did not see anyone say that he would not carry only in Karmelis, but not in Reshus ha'Rabim mid'Oraisa.

ר' אימי מטלטל על פום מלויתא ר' מתניה מטלטל על פום (איבריתא) [צ"ל איכריתא - הגר"ח קניבסקי שליט"א] דזהרא ר' אמי (מטלטל) [צ"ל מל - פני משה] על פום נשייא דאמרן שמשא הוות על סוסיתה


R. Imi would carry based on women who drew water (on Erev Shabbos in a high place, and see that the sun did not set yet). R. Matanyah would carry based on farmers of Zahara (a place, even though they lack Chezkas Kashrus). R. Ami would circumcise [on Shabbos] based on women in a high place who said that the sun did not set yet (when the baby was born on Shabbos)

ולמה עד (שהוא בחברון) [צ"ל שבחברון - ר' חננאל] והוא אומר הין


Question: Why does he say "until Chevron", and he says "yes"?

בא להזכיר זכות אבות:


Answer: He comes to mention merit of the Avos.