YOMA 71 (17 Shevat) - Dedicated by Mrs. Idelle Rudman in memory of Harav Reuven Moshe Rudman ben Harav Yosef Tuvia Rudman, who passed away 17 Shevat 5766, in honor of his eighth Yahrzeit.

[71a - 34 lines; 71b - 56 lines]

1)[line 20]דמשבשת קראיD'MESHABASHT KERA'EI- that you say that the verses are stated out of order

2)[line 20]שביש מתניתאSHABISH MASNISA- say that the Mishnah is stated out of order

3)[line 25]מחיה חייםMECHAYEH CHAYIM- the One who resurrects the dead; the Creator

4)[line 27]ומתוקניןU'MESUKANIN- and is favorable, fortunate

5)[last line]ישא בת תלמיד חכםYISA BAS TALMID CHACHAM- (a) he should marry the daughter of a Talmid Chacham; (b) he should marry off his son to the daughter of a Talmid Chacham (MAHARSHA)


6)[line 8]ייתון בני עממין לשלםYEISUN BENEI AMEMIN LI'SHLAM- may the descendants of the nations (descendants of converts) come in peace; Shemaya and Avtalyon were descendants of Sancheriv, the king of Assyria

7)[line 17]משזרMASHZAR- twined; this is referring to the Rimonim (pomegranates) which were on the bottom of the Me'il (Shemos 39:24)

8)[line 21]פארי המגבעותPA'AREI HA'MIGBA'OS- (a) the fine linen hats (RASHI); (b) the turban hats (RAMBAN)

9)[line 23]דכיתנא ניהווD'CHISNA NIHAVU- that they should be [made of] linen

10)[line 25]שיהיו שזוריןSHE'YIHEYU SHEZURIN- that they should be twined together

11)[line 29]בד בדBAD BAD- in single stalks, one stalk from each seed

12)[line 29]איפצולי מיפצלאIPATZULEI MIPATZLA- the strands of wool split

13)[line 31]אגב לקותיה מפצילAGAV LAKUSEI MIPTZIL- because of its being beaten, it splits

14)[line 39]גמרא גמירי להGEMARA GEMIRI LAH- we know it by tradition from Moshe on Sinai (Halachah l'Moshe mi'Sinai)