1)[line 1]אשם תלויASHAM TALUY

If a person is in doubt whether or not he committed a transgression for which he must bring a Korban Chatas, he brings a Korban Asham Taluy, which is a ram worth two Sela'im (Vayikra 5:17-19). If he later discovers that he did indeed sin, he must offer a Korban Chatas; the Asham Taluy only provides temporary atonement during the period of doubt (see further details in Background to Chulin 133:49). The Gemara here discusses the status of the animal when — after slaughtering it but before performing Zerikas ha'Dam — the owner discovered that he did not commit a transgression.

2)[line 2]חטאת העוף הבאה על הספקCHATAS HA'OF HA'BA'AH AL HA'SAFEK

(a)It is prohibited to offer an animal as a sacrifice when its obligation is in question, since it is possible that we will be slaughtering, offering, or eating Chulin ba'Azarah.

(b)Unlike other Korbanos, a Chatas ha'Of is not slaughtered nor is it offered on the Mizbe'ach. Instead, Melikah is performed upon it and its blood is sprinkled on the Mizbe'ach. Therefore, it may be offered (but not eaten) even when its obligation is not certain. For example, if it is unclear whether a woman gave birth to a fully formed child or not, she may bring, out of doubt, a bird as a Chatas in order to permit her to eat Kodshim. The bird, however, is not eaten.

(c)The Rabanan rule that the Chatas ha'Of ha'Ba Al ha'Safek is burned, while Rebbi Yehudah rules "Yatilenah la'Amah" (see next entry).

3)[line 3]יטילנה לאמהYATILENAH LA'AMAH- he should throw it into the channel of water that was an Amah wide, which passed through the Azarah of the Beis ha'Mikdash and emptied into Nachal Kidron.

4)[line 9]מלא הסיטMELO HA'SIT- an amount that measures the distance between a person's middle and index finger when they are spread apart

5)[line 17]ציפורתאTZIPORTA- an embroidered figure of a bird

6)[line 17]לישלופינהוLISHLUFINHU- let him remove them

7)[line 28]עולת העוףOLAS HA'OF

The offering of the Olas ha'Of consists of four procedures:

1.MELIKAH - On the Sovev (see Background to Menachos 97:9) of the Mizbe'ach, on the southeastern corner, the Kohen cuts the back of the neck of the bird with his right thumbnail, making sure to cut both Simanim (the trachea and the esophagus). (If the southeastern corner of the Sovev is crowded with Kohanim offering the Olas ha'Of, then the additional Olas ha'Of Korbanos are offered on the southwestern corner of the Mizbe'ach.)

2.MITZUY - The Kohen presses the cut part of the head and body of the bird onto the wall of the Mizbe'ach, above the Chut ha'Sikra (red line) that is located halfway up the Mizbe'ach.

3.HAKTARAS HA'ROSH - The Kohen salts the head and throws it into the fire on the Mizbe'ach.

4.HAKTARAS HA'GUF - The Kohen cuts out the crop and surrounding feathers of the bird (or, according to some Tana'im, the crop and the intestines — Zevachim 65a) and throws them to the ash-pile at the side of the ramp of the Mizbe'ach. He then tears the bird apart (Shesiyah), salts it, and throws it into the fire. (See Background to Chulin 123:17 for more information.)

8)[line 28]שנתמצה דמהSHE'NISMATZEH DAMAH- its blood was squeezed out on the Mizbe'ach

9a)[line 29]מוראתהMORA'ASAH- its crop

b)[line 29]נוצה שלהNOTZAH SHELAH- the feathers that surround the crop; alternatively, the intestines (Rashi, Vayikra 1:16)

10)[line 32]מיערב הוא דלא קעריב להו ותניMI'ARAV HU D'LO KA'ARIV LEHU V'TANI- and he does not combine the two and teach them together

11)[line 32]יש לה בטילה בעובד כוכביםYESH LAH BETEILAH B'OVED KOCHAVIM - it has nullification with an idolater (AVODAH ZARAH: BITULAH)

It is impossible to Mevatel (nullify) an Avodah Zarah that belongs to a Jew. A Nochri can Mevatel an Avodah Zarah that belongs to a Nochri, whether it is his own or it belongs to someone else, thereby removing its Isur Hana'ah. There is a Machlokes whether the Nochri must do some abusive action to the Avodah Zarah in order to annul it or it is enough to verbally annul it. (SHULCHAN ARUCH YD 146)

12)[line 33]אין לו בטילה עולמיתEIN LO BETEILAH OLAMIS- it can never be nullified