QUESTION: The Gemara relates that the prophet Hoshea was told by Hash-m in a prophecy to name his first son "Yizre'el," as an allusion to Hash-m's intent to "spread and sow" the Jewish people throughout the world in exile as a punishment "to the house of Yehu for the blood spilled in Yizre'el." This refers to the blood of Achav whom Yehu killed.
Why was the house of Yehu punished for killing Achav? The prophet himself had a prophecy that Achav was to be killed! Why was Yehu held accountable for his blood?
ANSWER: The TARGUM YONASAN (Hoshea 1:4) explains that Achav was killed as punishment for the sin of idol-worship. Yehu and his family also worshipped idols. Even though the Gemara in Sanhedrin (102a) says that Yehu was misled and did not sin maliciously, nevertheless he was guilty of idolatry just like Achav whom he killed. Yehu's actions were not more meritorious than Achav's, and thus he was not entitled to carry out the prophecy about Achav. He was held accountable for killing Achav as if he had spilled innocent blood.
QUESTION: When Hash-m sent the Jewish people into exile to Bavel, in His mercy He sent them to "Beis Iman," their mother's home. What makes Bavel their "mother's home"? RASHI says that Bavel is called their "mother's home" because Ur Kasdim is in Bavel, and Avraham Avinu came from Ur Kasdim.
Why, though, is Ur Kasdim considered to be "their mother's home"? Avraham Avinu originally came from Charan, which is not in Bavel (see RAMBAN to Bereishis 11:28). He came to Ur Kasdim only later.
(a) The MAHARSHA writes that since Ur Kasdim is where Avraham dedicated his life to Hash-m, it is called "Beis Iman."
Why, though, is it called their "mother's home" and not their "father's home"? The Maharsha explains that it was in that place that Avraham developed his Emunah, his faith in Hash-m, and thus it is called "Beis Iman," from the same root as "Emunah."
(b) The Maharsha writes further that the Gemara in Sanhedrin (38b) relates that the head of Adam ha'Rishon was formed from the earth of Eretz Yisrael, and his body from the earth of Bavel. "Their mother's home" refers to the place from which Adam ha'Rishon's body was formed. RAV YOSEF ENGEL (in Gilyonei ha'Shas) adds that Chavah was taken from the part of Adam's body that was formed from the earth of Bavel, and that is why it is called "Beis Iman."