[62a - 47 lines; 62b - 47 lines]

1)[line 38]משלחין קרבנותיהןMESHALCHIN KORBENOSEIHEN- send their sacrifices [to the Beis ha'Mikdash so that they should be offered there on their behalf[


2)[line 8]הפסח שעברה שנתוHA'PESACH SHE'AVRAH SHENASO

(a)Goats or sheep are fit to be offered as a Korban Pesach only during their first year of life. If such an animal was designated for a Korban Pesach but was not offered on the first Pesach after its birth, it becomes a Korban Shelamim (since it no longer qualifies as a Korban Pesach).

(b)Since this is true, that which Rebbi Eliezer and Rebbi Yehoshua disagree over this point is reflective of their respective positions on the matter of a Shelamim slaughtered on Pesach as a Korban Pesach (see RASHI).

3)[line 19]ניתני לי מר ספר יוחסיןNISNI LI MAR SEFER YUCHASIN- teach me Sefer Yuchasin (a Mishnaic commentary which explains those parts of Divrei ha'Yamim detailing the genealogies of the twelve tribes and their descendants - MAHARSHA)

4)[line 22]כפייה וארציKAFYEI V'IRTZEI- Rav Simlai pressured (lit. forced) Rebbi Yochanan and he acquiesced (to teach it to him)

5)[line 23]ניתנייה בג' ירחיNISNAYEI B'TELASA YARCHEI- teach it to me in three months

6)[line 23]שקל קלאSHAKAL KALA- he took a clod of earth (O.F. mote)

7)[line 23]פתק ביהPASAK BEI- he threw it at him

8)[line 26]רבוותאRAV'VASA- teachers

9)[line 26]לא יצתה ידי חובתה בתלת שניןLO YATZESAH YEDEI CHOVASAH BI'TELAS SHENIN- she was unable to master it after three years

10)[line 37]אינו בציבור כביחידEINO B'TZIBUR KEV'YACHID- the Pesul of she'Lo l'Ochlav applies to the Korban Pesach and no other Korban (RASHI, TOSFOS)

11)[line 41]תשש כחןTASHASH KOCHAN- their strength has weakened

12)[line 42]וכהה מאור עיניהםKAHAH ME'OR EINEIHEM- their sight has grown dim

13a)[line 43]בין אצל לאצלBEIN ATZEL L'ATZAL- (a) the Parshah between the two similar Pesukim "ul'Atzel Shishah Vanim, v'Eleh Shemosam: Azrikam, Bochru, v'Yishmael, u'Se'aryah, v'Ovadyah, v'Chanan; [Kol] Eleh Bnei Atzal" - "And Atzel had six sons, and these are their names: ... [all of] these are the sons of Atzal," written in both Divrei ha'Yamim I 8:38 and 9:44 (the first time with the word "Kol," the second time without) (RASHI); (b) the Pasuk that begins with Atzel ("ul'Atzel") and ends with Atzal (ARUCH)

b)[line 43]טעינו ד' מאה גמלי דדרשאTE'INU ARBA ME'AH GAMLEI D'DERASHAH- we loaded four hundred camel-loads of interpretations (i.e. enough written commentary to require four hundred camels in order to transport them)