NEDARIM 53 - (6 Adar) - dedicated by the Feldman family in memory of their father, the Tzadik Harav Yisrael Azriel ben Harav Chaim (Feldman) of Milwaukee.

[53a - 29 lines; 53b - 21 lines]

1)[line 2]מסתוניותSISVANIYOS- inferior, unripe grapes that stay on the vine throughout the winter that are only used to make vinegar (RAN; see ROSH for an alternate Girsa and explanation)

2)[line 15]שומשמיןSHUMSHEMIN- sesame seeds

3)[line 16]הכרישיןKEREISHIN- (Allium porrum) garden leeks

4)[line 17]בקפלוטותKAFLOTOS- (Porrum capitatum) a leek with a large onion-like bulb; porret

5)[line 17]בירקות השדהYARKOS HA'SADEH- wild vegetables

6)[line 18]שם לווייSHEM LEVAI- a qualifying title added to its name; adjective

7)[line 22]שמסתפקיןSHE'MISTAPKIN- that use (lit. that supply themselves)

8)[line 27]בירקות הגינהB'YARKOS HA'GINAH- with garden vegetables


9a)[line 7]משום גושMISHUM GUSH- because of a clod of earth from Chutz la'Aretz that might be stuck to them

b)[line 7]משום גושMISHUM GUSH (TUM'AS ERETZ HA'AMIM)

The Rabanan decreed that the lands outside of Eretz Yisrael are to be considered to be Tamei because the Nochrim bury their dead fetuses in their houses.

10)[line 8]הכרובKERUV- cabbage

11)[line 8]באיספרגוסISPARGUS- asparagus (botanically related to cabbage)

12)[line 9]הגריסיןHA'GERISIN- the dish of Cilician beans

13)[line 9]במקפהMIKPAH- a stiff porridge of beans or grains that contains garlic, oil and vinegar (TOSEFTA Shabbos 14:15, et. al.)

14)[line 11]בשוםSHUM- garlic

15)[line 12]באשישיםASHISHIM- (a) lentils fried in honey (RAN to Daf 52b, citing the YERUSHALMI); (b) the waste of lentils (TOSFOS ibid., ROSH ibid.); (c) bread into which lentils (RASHI, cited by Rebbi Avraham Min ha'Har ibid.) or lentil flour (MEFARESH ibid.) is mixed

16)[line 15]לכוס חייםLAKOS CHAYIM- to chew them raw