[26a - 16 lines; 26b - 22 lines]

1)[line 6, 8]תפוס לשון ראשון / בגמר דבריו אדם נתפסTEFOS LASHON RISHON / BI'GEMAR DEVARAV ADAM NITPAS

(a)Tefos Lashon Rishon means, "The first statement is the only one that we regard seriously." That is, if a person says two consecutive statements that have contradictory Halachic ramifications, yet he expresses no desire to rescind the first of the two, we assume that he decided to add the second statement only after having pronounced the first. Therefore, the first statement remains valid, and the second one is ignored.

(b)The term for the dissenting opinion is bi'Gemar Devarav Adam Nitpas ("A person is caught or bound by his last words"). There is a Machlokes Rishonim with regard this opinion. The RAN writes that this opinion holds that the second statement categorically revokes the first statement. Therefore, the second statement is valid and the first one is ignored. The ROSH and RASHI (Pesachim 53b DH Rebbi Shimon) write that the dissenting opinion holds that "Af bi'Gemar Devarav Adam Nitpas," i.e. the person originally intended to make both statements, thinking that they weren't Halachically contradictory. According to this opinion, both statements are valid and we find some compromise between the two.


2)[line 10]בצלBATZAL- onion

3)[line 11]הכופריHA'KUFRI- the village onions; alt. onions from Kufri or Kufra, possibly Cyprus

4)[last line]הכלכלהKALKALAH- a basket [of figs]