ME'ILAH 10 - Dedicated l'Zechut Refu'ah Shleimah for Elisheva Chaya bat Leah. Dedicated by Michael Steinberg, David Steinberg, and Ethan Steinberg.

[10a - 22 lines; 10b - 20 lines]

*********************GIRSA SECTION*********************

We recommend using the textual changes suggested by the Bach, the Tzon Kodashim and the marginal notes of the Vilna Shas. This section is devoted to any other important corrections that Acharonim have pointed out in the Gemara, Rashi and Tosfos.

[1] Rashi 10a DH Hanei Milei ד"ה הני מילי:

The words "d'Chi Hifrish" דכי הפריש

should be "Ki Hifrish" כי הפריש

[2] Mishnah 10b [line 19]:

"mishe'Kipru ha'Be'alim Tamus" משכיפרו הבעלים תמות

Rashi's Girsa is "Kipru ha'Be'alim Tamus" כיפרו הבעלים תמות (here and in Temurah 21b)


1)[line 6]מאי קא מפסיד?MAI KA MAFSID?- What loss does he cause to Hekdesh?

2)[line 9]להפוכי בצינוראL'HAPUCHEI B'TZINORA- to turn it over it with a poker

3)[line 13]אין מפרישין מתחלה לאיבודEIN MAFRISHIN MI'TECHILAH L'IBUD

One is not commanded to designate money or an animal to be used as a Korban Chatas if it will have to be destroyed (since it is a Chatas she'Kipru Be'aleha).

4)[line 14]הלבונהHA'LEVONAH

See Background to Me'ilah 9:1a.


(a)The Minchas Chavitin is brought by the Kohen Gadol every day. It consists of 1/10 of an Eifah (approximately 2.16, 2.49 or 4.32 liters, depending upon the differing Halachic opinions) of wheat flour made into twelve wafers or rolls. They were fried in olive oil in a flat pan after being boiled and baked (this is the ruling of the RAMBAM, but see Menachos 50b). Next, the rolls are folded without breaking them (Pesisah). Levonah is added, and Hagashah and Haktarah are performed (see Background to Menachos 89:14:b:1).

(b)Half of the rolls were offered in the morning and half towards evening (Vayikra 6:13). They were completely burned on the Mizbe'ach. The Chavitin had to be brought from the money of the Kohen Gadol, but he did not personally have to offer them on the Mizbe'ach. The amount of oil that was used for each of the Chavitin rolls was one Revi'is (approximately 75, 86.4 or 150 cc, depending upon the differing Halachic opinions), a total of three Lugin for the entire Minchah.

(c)An ordinary Kohen, on the day that he begins his service in the Beis ha'Mikdash, must bring a Korban Minchah that is the same as the Minchas Chavitin that the Kohen Gadol brings every day (Vayikra 6:13). His Korban is known as the Minchas Chinuch (RAMBAM Hilchos Ma'aseh ha'Korbanos 13:2-4).

6)[line 15]מנחת נסכיםMINCHAS NESACHIM

(a)The Minchas Nesachim is a Korban Minchah that is brought together with a Korban Shelamim or Olah, whether the Korban is offered by the Tzibur (Bamidbar 28:11-15, 20-21) or by an individual (Bamidbar 15:3-16). It is called Minchas "Nesachim" because it is normally brought along with the Nesachim (wine libations) that are offered with these Korbanos.

(b)The mixture of flour and olive oil is salted and completely burned on the Mizbe'ach and the wine is poured into one of the Sefalim (the silver libation pipes located at the top of the southwestern corner of the Mizbe'ach) (RAMBAM and RA'AVAD Hilchos Ma'aseh ha'Korbanos 2:1). The amount of flour, oil and wine needed depends upon the animal offered, as specified in Bamidbar (ibid.).

7)[line 19]שיש לו מתיריןSHE'YESH LO MATIRIM- that there are additional Avodos that need to be done in order to render it fit to be offered on the Mizbe'ach or to be eaten


8)[line 3]פיגול שהוא בידיעה אחתPIGUL SHE'HU B'YEDI'AH ACHAS (PIGUL)

(a)See Background to Me'ilah 2:4a.

(b)A person has to bring a Korban Chatas for eating Pigul b'Shogeg even if he only had one Yedi'ah about the Pigul, e.g. he knew that it was Pigul after he ate it. This is in contrast to eating Kodshim b'Tum'ah, where a person has to bring a Korban Oleh v'Yored for eating Kodshim b'Tum'ah only if he knew beforehand about the Tum'ah, subsequently forgot when he transgressed, and found out afterward that he sinned. If he did not know beforehand about the Tum'ah, he is exempt.

9a)[line 3]קרבנו קבועKORBANO KAVU'A- the Korban one must offer after eating Pigul is always fixed as a female sheep or a goat, just like any normal Korban Chatas (see Background to Kerisus 22:10)

b)[line 6]עולה ויורדOLEH V'YORED- the Korban brought for eating Kodshim b'Tum'ah is a Korban Oleh v'Yored (see Background to Kerisus 22:11) which fluctuates based upon the means of the penitent

10)[line 6]הותרה מכללהHUTAR MI'CHELALO- a person who is Tamei is sometimes permitted to do the Avodah in the Beis ha'Mikdash — i.e. if there is no Kohen who is Tahor to offer the public sacrifices. Pigul, however, is never permitted.


11)[last line]ולד חטאתVLAD CHATAS (CHATA'OS HA'MESOS)

See Background to Me'ilah 3:1.