[82a - 41 lines; 82b - 21 lines]

1)[line 1]לא ילמד אדם רווק סופריםLO YILMOD ADAM RAVAK SOFRIM- an unmarried man should not teach young children

2a)[line 22]שהורעתי מעשיSHE'HORA'TI MA'ASAI- that I have corrupted my deeds

b)[line 22]וקפחתי את פרנסתיV'KIPACHTI ES PARNASASI- and lost my entitlement to my sustenance [coming directly from HaSh-m]

3)[line 22]איש צדייןISH TZADYAN- a man of Sidon, a city on the Mediterranean coast, to the north of modern-day Israel. It was the capital of Phoenicia. It is within the northwest boundary of the Holy Land (Bamidbar 34:7).

4a)[line 23]חמרCHAMAR- donkey driver

b)[line 23]גמלGAMAL- camel driver

c)[line 23]קדרKADAR- wagon driver (RASHI here; elsewhere (Kesuvos 24b, Chagigah 24b), "Kadar" means a pottery maker. TOSFOS to Bava Metzia (75b DH Es) explains that a pottery maker usually drives a wagon to sell his wares, and thus the word can also refer to a wagon driver)

d)[line 23]ספןSAPAN- sailor

e)[line 23]רועהRO'EH- shepherd

f)[line 24]וחנוניCHENVANI- storekeeper

5)[line 25]טוב שברופאים לגיהנםTOV SHEB'ROF'IM L'GEHINOM- the best of the doctors [will go] to Gehinom (see Insights)

6)[line 26]והכשר שבטבחים שותפו של עמלקVEHA'KASHER SHEBA'TABACHIM SHUTFO SHEL AMALEK- and the most fit of slaughterers is a partner with Amalek

7)[line 26]רבי נהוראיREBBI NEHORAI- (a) Rebbi Nechemyah, student of Rebbi Akiva, who was known as Rebbi "Meir," i.e. "the one who lights up [the eyes of the wise through his Halachic teachings]"; the translation of "Meir" in Aramaic is "Nehorai" (Eruvin 13b); (b) Rebbi Elazar ben Arach, student of Rebbi Yochanan ben Zakai, known as Rebbi Nehorai for the same reason as above (ibid.)

8a)[line 27]אוכל משכרה בעולם הזהOCHEL MI'SECHARAH B'OLAM HA'ZEH- he eats from its reward in this world

b)[line 28]והקרן קיימת לו לעולם הבאVEHA'KEREN KAYEMES LO LA'OLAM HA'BA- and the principle is completely intact for him in the World to Come

9a)[line 30]אחריתACHARIS- a hopeful future

b)[line 30]ותקוהV'TIKVAH- and with good hope

10)[line 31]"וקוי ה' יחליפו כח""V'KOYEI HASH-M YACHLIFU CHO'ACH"- "And those who hope in HaSh-m will have renewed strength" (Yeshayah 40:31).

11)[line 31]"עוד ינובון בשיבה ורעננים יהיו""OD YENUVUN B'SEIVAH, DESHENIM V'RA'ANANIM YIHEYU"- "They will still be fruitful in old age, strong and fresh they will be" (Tehilim 92:15).

12)[line 35]סורו רעSURO RA- his character is bad (he will not be a trustworthy associate, - RASHI)

13a)[line 35]הצורפיםHA'TZORFIM- goldsmiths

b)[line 36]והסריקיםHA'SARIKIM (O.F. flochiedres)- those who comb the garments of women to raise the fibers to make the fabric feel soft

c)[line 36]והנקורותHA'NEKUROS- (a) those who sharpen the hand millstones, which were used to grind flour for daily use; (b) those who bore holes in the millstones, into which the handles were attached

d)[line 36]והרוכליןHA'ROCHLIN- peddlers of spices

e)[line 36]והגרדייםHA'GARDIYIM- weavers

f)[line 36]והספריםHA'SAPARIM- barbers

g)[line 36]והכובסיםHA'KOVSIM- launderers

h)[line 36]והגרעHA'GARA- bloodletter

i)[line 36]והבלןHA'BALAN- bathhouse attendant

j)[line 37]והבורסקיHA'BURSEKI- tanner


14)[line 1]מחטא דתלמיותאMACHATA D'TALMEYUSA- (a) (O.F. brosder ganbais) embroidery of a doublet (a kind of close-fitting jacket), in which the stitches are in lines like furrows in a field (RASHI); (b) a tailor who sews seams (ARUCH)

15)[line 4]בסםBASAM- a person who deals in spices and perfumes

16)[line 11]"לי הכסף ולי הזהב נאם ה' צ-בקות""LI HA'KESEF V'LI HA'ZAHAV, NE'UM HASH-M TZE-VAKOS"- "Mine is the silver and Mine is the gold, says HaSh-m Tze-vakos" (Chagai 2:8).

17a)[line 13]קייץKAYATZ- a watchman who guards the cut figs ("Ketzi'os") which are laying in the field to dry

b)[line 13]סבלSABAL- a porter

18)[line 16]"עונותיכם הטו [אלה וחטאותיכם מנעו הטוב מכם]""AVONOSEICHEM HITU [ELEH V'CHATOSEICHEM MAN'U HA'TOV MI'KEM]"- "Your iniquities have turned away [these (blessings), and your sins have withheld the good from you]" (Yirmeyahu 5:25).

19a)[line 18]בימי ילדותוB'YEMEI YALDUSO- in the days of his youth

b)[line 18]בימי זקנותוB'YEMEI ZIKNUSO- in the days of his old age