KESUVOS 76 (6 Kislev) - Dedicated in honor of the Yahrzeit of Eliezer (Lazar) ben Reb Shraga Feivel Marmorstein, by his nephew, Mr. David Kornfeld, who Mr. Marmorstein raised like his own child after the Holocaust.

[76a - 18 lines; 76b - 31 lines]

1)[line 12]ביתירתB'YESEIRAS- with a woman with an extra, sixth finger

2)[last line]ותנא תונא כלהV'TANA TUNA KALAH- and our Tana (of the Mishnah) taught the case of a bride [with blemishes, which is a proof to my statement]


3)[line 4]ומרע ליה לחזקיה דאבU'MARA LEI L'CHEZKEI D'AV- and he impairs the Chazakah of the father (that his daughter's Chezkas ha'Guf affirms that she had no blemishes)

4)[line 6]ומוקים חזקיה בידיהU'MUKIM CHEZKEI B'YADEI- and he establishes his claim of possession [of the cow]

5)[line 8]קדושין לטיבועין ניתנוKIDUSHIN LAV L'TIVU'IN NITNU- the object of value given for Kidushin is not made a present to the woman (lit. is not for being sunk, i.e. is not at the risk of receiving no consideration) and if the husband dies before Nisu'in, it is returned to his heirs

6)[line 12]בעובי בית הכוסותB'OVI BEIS HA'KOSOS- (O.F. doblon) in a double wall or fold in the second stomach of ruminants. The four stomachs of ruminants are: 1. Keres (rumen); 2. Beis ha'Kosos (recticulum); 3. Hemses (omasum); 4. Kevah (abomasum). The second stomach has a very thick, double wall.

7)[line 13]קורטKORET- a drop [of coagulated blood]

8)[line 16]הוגלד פי המכהHUGLAD PI HA'MAKAH- if the wound developed a scab

9)[line 22]לא תצייתינהו להני כללי דכייל יהודה אחיLO TETZAISINHU L'HANEI KELALEI D'CHAYIL YEHUDAH ACHI- do not pay attention to my brother Yehudah's general rules that he quoted in the name of Shmuel

10)[line 30]חיותאCHEIVSA- an animal