[27a - 55 lines; 27b - 54 lines]

1)[line 15]דרמי לה מירמאD'RAMI LAH MIRMA- they that ask it as a contradiction

2)[line 23]נשי גנביNESHEI GANAVEI- the wives of convicted thieves (who were routinely violated after their husbands were hanged)

3)[line 24]בן דונאיBEN DUNAI- the name of a murderer (however, a mere thief's wife was spared)

4)[line 27]שכבשוה כרכוםSHE'KAVSHUHA KARKOM- which came under siege and was captured

5)[line 30]בלשתBOLESHES- marauding troops who come to pillage

6)[line 33]שאין פנאי לנסךSHE'EIN PENAI L'NASECH- there is no time for them to pour any wine as a libation to Avodah Zarah

7)[line 38]ערקARAK- escaped

8)[line 40]ניימאNAIMA- sleep

9)[line 41]דמהדר לה למתאD'MEHADER LAH L'MASA- they surrounded the city

10)[line 41]שושילתא וכלבא וגווזא ואווזאSHUSHILTA V'CHALBA V'GAVZA V'AVZA- with chains, dogs, geese, and obstacles which preclude escape

11)[line 46]מחבואהMACHBU'AH- a hiding place


12)[line 2]דאגר ליה חמרא לחבריהD'AGAR LEI CHAMRA L'CHAVREI- that hired out a donkey to his friend

13)[line 3]באורחא דנהר פקודB'ORCHA D'NEHAR PEKOD- by the way of the Pekod River

14)[line 4]באורחא דנרשB'ORCHA D'NARASH- by the way of Narse, a town in Bavel

15)[line 17]שלבה גס בשפחתהSHE'LIBAH GAS B'SHIFCHASAH- She is familiar with her own maidservant and therefore does not hesitate to sin in her presence.

16)[line 28]מבי חוזאהMI'BEI CHOZA'AH- a large Jewish trading town on the Tigris river

17)[line 32]בחתימת זקןB'CHASIMAS ZAKAN- with the full development of the beard

18)[line 34]ומסתפינו מיניהU'MISTEFINU MINEI- and they are afraid of him

19)[line 34]דגברא אלמא הואD'GAVRA ALAMA HU- he is a violent person (and difficult to deal with)

20)[line 36]המוציא מחבירו עליו הראיהHA'MOTZI ME'CHAVEIRO ALAV HA'RE'AYAH

The general rule in monetary claims is that the burden of proof rests with the one who wishes to extract payment or other items of value from the other person. Hence, when there is a doubt, all money remains with the one who has possession.

21)[line 45]רב חנן קרטיגנאה משתעיRAV CHANAN KARTIGENA'AH MISHTA'I- Rav Chanan of Carthage retold this story

22)[line 50]המעון הזהHA'MA'ON HA'ZEH- I vow in the name of the One who dwells in this dwelling (the Beis ha'Mikdash)