[26a - 30 lines; 26b - 30 lines]

1)[line 1]במסיח לפי תומוB'MESI'ACH LEFI TUMO- one who speaks in passing without intent to testify

2)[line 5]והפשיטוני את כותנתיV'HIFSHITUNI ES KUTANTI- and they removed my cloak (I was undressed for Tevilah)

3)[line 7]בדילין ממניBEDEILIN MIMENI- (lit. they avoided me) They were careful not to touch me

4)[line 10]מעשר ראשוןMA'ASER RISHON

(a)After a crop is harvested and brought to the owner's house or yard, he must separate Terumah from the crop and give it to a Kohen. (Only valid Kohanim - to the exclusion of Chalalim - and their wives and servants may eat Terumah.) Although the Torah does not specify the amount to be given, the Rabanan set the requirement at one fiftieth of the total crop.

(b)After Terumah is removed from the produce, the first tithe to be given every year is called Ma'aser Rishon; one tenth of the produce must be given to a Levi.

5)[line 16]ודלמא איקרו ויהבו ליהV'DILMA IKRU V'YAHAVU LEI- perhaps by chance they gave it (the Ma'aser) to him

6)[line 20]מעשר ראשון אסור לזריםMA'ASER RISHON ASUR L'ZARIM

According to the majority, and Halachic, opinion, Ma'aser Rishon does not have Kedushah. It may be eaten both Tamei and Tahor, and by any person. Rebbi Meir (Yevamos 74a and elsewhere), however, argues and maintains that Ma'aser Rishon does have Kedushah. According to him, Ma'aser Rishon may only be eaten by Leviyim or Kohanim, and even they may not eat it if they are Arelim (uncircumcised). Rebbi Meir agrees, however, that Ma'aser Rishon may be eaten when it is Tamei (TOSFOS Yevamos 86b DH Mi).

7)[line 21]בתורת חלוקהTORAS CHALUKAH- (lit. in the form of a distribution) Although a Zar may eat Ma'aser, the Ma'aser must be distributed to a Levi.


8)[line 1]ואסקיניהV'ASKINEI- we elevated him [to the Kehunah]

9)[line 2]ואחתיניהV'ACHTINEI- we removed him [from the Kehunah] (lit. we brought him down)

10)[line 4]במיחש לזילותא דבי דינאB'MEICHASH L'ZILUSA D'VEI DINA- With concern over the mockery of Beis Din (by repeated reversals of their rulings)

11)[line 17]שנחבשהSHE'NECHBESHAH- who was taken prisoner

12)[line 21]שיד ישראל תקיפהSHE'YAD YISRAEL TAKIFAH- when the hand of the Jews is in control (over the Nochrim)

13)[line 22]יד עובדי כוכבים תקיפה על עצמןYAD OVDEI KOCHAVIM TAKIFAH AL ATZMAN- the Nochrim are self-ruling

14)[line 25]שהורהנהSHE'HURHENAH- was taken for ransom