GITIN 56 (6 Elul) - Dedicated in memory of Rivka bas Yechezkel Pinker on the occasion of her first Yahrzeit, by her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, all of whom live in Eretz Yisrael.


TOSFOS DH "Igla Tilsa"

תוס' ד"ה "עגלא תילתא"

(SUMMARY: Tosfos explains the definition of an Igla Tilsa.)

כמו ושלישים על כולו (שמות יד) וכמו עגלה משולשת ואיל משולש (בראשית טו) פי' בריא וטוב


Opinion#1: This is similar to the Pasuk, "And Shalishim on all of it" (Shemos 14:7). This is also like the Pasuk, "A Meshulash calf and a Meshulah ram" (Bereishis 15:9). This (and these Pesukim) means healthy and good.

ויש מפרשים שלישי לבטן


Opinion#2: Some say this means the third calf out of the mother's stomach (i.e. womb).

ולא יתכן דאמרינן בפרק ארבע מיתות (סנהדרין דף סה: דהוו מברו להו עיגלא תלתא


Question: This cannot be, as we say in Sanhedrin that they (Amoraim) would create an Igla Tilsa (using Sefer Yetzirah).

ולא כמו שמפרש שגדל שליש


Opinion#3: The explanation is also unlike the one who explains that the calf grew one third of its growth.

דהא בסוף פרק רבי אליעזר דמילה (שבת דף קלו.) אמר עבד להו עגלא תילתא ביומא דשבעא פירוש יום שביעי ללידתו.


Question: In Shabbos (136a) the Gemara states that he made them an Igla Tilsa on the seventh day. This means on its seventh day of its life (when it would clearly not yet have been one third grown).




תוס' ד"ה "אי לאו"

(SUMMARY: Tosfos explains how Rebbi Yochanan could have said Yerushalayim was given over to Vespasian.)

אע"ג דאכתי לא מימסרא בידו עד שבא טיטוס


Implied Question: The city was not yet given over until Titus came. (Note: Why, then, did Rebbi Yochanan say it was given over to Vespasian?)

מ"מ כיון דכבר צר עליה שלש שנים והוה כפנא הוי כאילו כבר נמסרה.


Answer: Being that Vespasian had already besieged the city for three years and there was a famine, it was as if the city had already been given to him.


TOSFOS DH "v'Naseh"

תוס' ד"ה "ונעשה"

(SUMMARY: Tosfos explains the significance of the blood.)

להודיע דקשה לפני המקום חורבן בית המקדש.


Explanation: This happened in order to show that the destruction of the Beis Hamikdash was difficult (so to speak) for Hash-m.


TOSFOS DH "v'Nikar"

תוס' ד"ה "וניקר"

(SUMMARY: Tosfos explains why this is not a question on the opinion that a Treifah does not live twelve months.)

לא נעשה טרפה בכך


Implied Question: He did not become a Treifah. (Note: Tosfos is explaining that there is no question from this incident on the opinion that a Treifah does not live twelve months (see Chulin 57b), as he did not become a Treifah. Why didn't he become a Treifah?)

דדרך חוטמו נכנס ולא ניקב הקרום


Answer#1: The mosquito went through his nose and did not pierce the casing (of the brain).

ועוד יש חילוק בין טריפות דאדם לבהמה כדפרישית בפרק קמא דערובין (דף ז.).


Answer#2: Additionally, there is a difference between a person being a Treifah and an animal being a Treifah, as is explained in (Tosfos in) Eiruvin (7a, DH "k'Gon" in the parentheses).