תוס' ד"ה "זה"

(SUMMARY: Tosfos explains why there is no contradiction to our Gemara from a Gemara in Sukah.)

והא דאמרי' בהחליל (סוכה נא:) דאלכסנדרוס מוקדון הרגם והחריבה


Implied Question: The Gemara in Sukah (51b) says that Alexander of Macedonia killed them and destroyed Alexandria of Egypt. (Note: How could our Gemara say it was Adreinus?)

שמא פעמים נתיישבה.


Answer: Perhaps it was settled (and destroyed) twice.


TOSFOS DH "Kaftzu Kulan"

תוס' ד"ה "קפצו כולן"

(SUMMARY: Tosfos explains why this was permitted, unlike the implication of Rebbi Chanina ben Tradyon's statement in Avodah Zarah.)

והא דאמר במס' ע"ז (דף יח.) מוטב שיטלנה מי שנתנה ואל יחבל בעצמו


Implied Question: The Gemara says in Avodah Zarah (18a) that Rebbi Chanina ben Tradyon decided not to hasten his own death, as he said that better that The One Who gave it should take it, and I should not injure myself. (Note: How can we reconcile this with our Gemara?)

הכא יראים היו מיסורין כדאמרינן (כתובות דף לג: אלמלי נגדו לחנניה מישאל ועזריה פלחו לצלמא


Answer#1: In our Gemara, they were scared of being tortured. This is as the Gemara states in Kesuvos (33b) that if they (Nevuchadnezer) would have tortured Chananyah, Mishael, and Azaryah they would have bowed down to the statue.

ועוד דע"כ היו מענין אותן ולא היו הורגים אותן.


Answer#2: They would have made them have forbidden relations and would not have killed them (see Yavetz here). (Note: They therefore killed themselves so they should not transgress this cardinal sin (see Tosfos and Ritva in Avodah Zarah 18a).)


TOSFOS DH "Asyuhu"

תוס' ד"ה "אתיוהו"

(SUMMARY: Tosfos finds the missing Pasuk in a Medrash.)

שיתא קראי מייתי ובשביעי לא מייתי


Implied Question: The Gemara only quotes six Pesukim, and does not quote the seventh Pasuk (that the seventh son said). (Note: What was the seventh Pasuk?)

ובמדרש אמר דקמא אמר אנכי והשני לא יהיה לך.


Answer: The Medrash says that the first son said, "I (Am Hash-m)," and the second said, "There should not be for you etc." (Note: This is the text of our Gemara, which Tosfos apparently did not have.)