[69a - 43 lines; 69b - 55 lines]

1)[line 1]לברוקתיBERUKTI- (O.F. meille) an eye ailment consisting of a protrusion from the eye (RASHI here and Shabbos 78a)

2)[line 1]עקרבא דשב חומריAKREVA D'SHEV CHUMREI- a scorpion spotted with seven colors (because of age; RASHI)

3)[line 2]בטולאB'TULA- in the shade

4)[line 2]ונישחוק תרתי מנתא כוחלאV'NISHCHOK TARTEI MANASA KUCHLA- and grind it to make two parts of blue

5)[line 3]תלתא מכחליTELASA MAKCHELEI- three powder-applicators (a Makchol is made out of bird's feather or from a thin piece of wood; RASHI)

6)[line 5]פקע עיניהPAKA EINA- his eye will fall out

7)[line 5]לשברירי דליליאSHAVRIREI D'LEILYA- nighttime blindness

8)[line 6]שודרא ברקאSHUDRA BARKA- rope of animal hair

9)[line 7]וניטרפו ינוקי חספא אבתריהV'NITREFU YENUKEI CHASPA A'BASREI- and children should rattle potsherds behind him

10)[line 8]אסא כלבא אכסא תרנגולאASA CHALBA A'KASA TARNEGOLA- "the dog is old, the chicken is insane" (an incantation)

11)[line 9]וליגבי שב אומציV'LIGVEI SHEV UMTZEI- he should gather up seven pieces of raw meat

12)[line 10]בצינורא דדשאTZINORA D'DASHA- the doorway (the door-hinge socket (a hole in the threshold))

13)[line 10]בקלקולי דמתאKILKULEI D'MASA- the garbage dumps of the city

14)[line 11]לפשוטLIFSHOT- untie

15)[line 12]וליחרו לכלבא בבביתא דעיניהV'LEICHARU L'CHALBA B'VAVISA D'EINEI- and then (a) they should blow at the pupil of the dog's eye; (b) they should burn the pupil of the dog's eye; (c) they should stab the pupil of the dog's eye (Girsa of the CHACHMEI ANGLIYA, cited by the RASHASH); (d) the night-blindness will pass to the pupil of the dog's eye (MIGDAL DAVID)

16)[line 12]לשברירי דיממאL'SHAVRIREI D'YEMAMA- for daytime blindness

17)[line 13]סומקי מגווא דחיותאSUMKEI MI'GAVA D'CHEIVSA- spleens from the inside of slaughtered animals

18)[line 13]וניטוינהו אחספא דאומנאV'NITVINHU A'CHASPA D'UMNA- and roast them on the potsherd of a bloodletter

19)[line 14]עויראAVIRA- the blind person

20a)[line 15]פתיחאPESICHA- the one who can see

b)[line 15]סב איכולSAV EICHUL- take and eat

21)[line 15]לדמא דאתי מנחיראL'DAMA D'ASI MI'NECHIRA- for a nosebleed

22)[line 16]למפרעL'MAFRE'A- backwards (i.e. he should write "IVEL" instead of "LEVI")

23)[line 17]פפי שילא בר סומקיPAPI SHILA BAR SUMKEI- "Papi Shila the son of Sumkei" (an incantation)

24)[line 18]טעם דלי במי כסף טעם דלי במי פגםTA'AM DELI B'MEI CHESEF, TA'AM DELI B'MEI FEGAM- "the taste of a bucket in silver water, the taste of a bucket in damaged water" (an incantation)

25)[line 18]עיקרא דאספסתאIKARA D'ASPASTA- root of Aspasta (a type of grass)

26)[line 19]ואשלא דפורייאASHLA D'PURIYA- the rope of a bed (which was tied around the wooden frame to form the bed)

27)[line 19]וקורטסא ומוריקיKURTESA U'MORIKEI- the rags and saffron

28)[line 19]וסומקא דלוליבאSUMKA D'LULIVA- the red part of a date-palm

29)[line 20]וניגדול תרתי פתילתאNIGDOL TARTEI PESILTA- twine them into two wicks

30)[line 20]ולטמיש בחלאLITMISH B'CHALA- soak them in vinegar

31)[line 21]וניגדבל בקיטמא הדיןNIGADBAL B'KITMA HA'DEIN- he should roll them in the ashes of these [ingredients that he had previously burned together]

32)[line 25]ליתיב תותי מרזבאLEISIV TUSEI MARZEVA- he should sit underneath a spout [placed at the opening of a gutter]

33)[line 26]לדמא דאתי מפומאL'DAMA D'ASI MI'PUMA- for oral bleeding (bleeding from the mouth)

34)[line 27]בגילא דחיטתאGILA D'CHITESA- a straw from wheat

35)[line 27]סריךSARICH- sticks (if the blood sticks to the wheat)

36a)[line 27]מריאה קאתיME'REI'AH KA'ASI- it is coming from the lung

b)[line 28]מכבדא קאתיMI'KAVDA KA'ASI- it is coming from the liver

37)[line 29]ניטל הכבדNITAL HA'KAVED- if the liver was removed, rendering the animal a Tereifah. A Tereifah is an animal with one of the 18 signs described in Chulin 42a. There is a Machlokes Tana'im as to whether an animal with one of these defects can live for twelve months or not.

38)[line 30]איתמוחי איתמחISMUCHEI ISMACH- it (the liver) has completely dissolved (degenerated)

39a)[line 31]כוני מפירמא דסילקאKUNEI MI'PIRMA D'SILKA- fistfuls of slices of beets

b)[line 31]כוני פירמא דכרתיKUNEI FIRMA D'CHARTEI- fistfuls of slices of leek

40)[line 32]פרידאPEREIDA- a type of grass or herb; some say the wood of a wild cherry tree (RASHI: O.F. merediers)

41)[line 32]דטלפחיD'TELAFCHEI- of lentils

42)[line 32]דכמונאKAMONA- cumin

43)[line 33]דחבליCHAVLEI- (possibly CHALVEI, Netz ha'Chalav - Ornithogalum; Star of Bethlehem, a bulbous plant)

44)[line 33]כנתא פטירתאKANTA PATIRTA- (O.F. entrails) intestinal fat from a firstborn animal

45)[line 33]שיכרא חריפא דטבתSHICHRA CHARIFA D'TEVES- strong beer (intoxicating beverage) brewed in the month of Teves

46)[line 34]לככאL'CHAKA- for [pain of the] molar

47)[line 34]תומא יחידאהTUMA YECHIDA'AH- a garlic with a single clove

48)[line 34]ונימרסיה במישחא ומילחאNIMRESEI B'MISHCHA U'MILCHA- grind it with oil and salt

49)[line 35]אטופראי דאליונאA'TUFRA'EI D'ALYONA- on the nail of the thumb

50)[line 35]גדנפא דלישאGEDANFA D'LISHA- [surround it with] a ring of dough

51)[line 36]וניזדהר לבישריהV'NIZDAHER L'VISREI- and be careful [that the garlic not touch] to his flesh

52)[line 36]לחינכיL'CHINCHEI- (Greek: astrangulun) for an illness wherein blisters (tumors) grow in the throat causing inflammation of the tonsils

53)[line 36]חומתי כי ממרוCHUMSI KI MAMRU- pellitory (Parietaria) leaves are, in such a case, as good as Mamru (a certain grass plant)

54)[line 37]ועיקראIKARA- the root

55)[line 37]הני לאוקומיHANEI L'UKUMMEI- these are for stopping [the swelling]

56)[line 38]פאריPAREI- bran

57)[line 38]וטלפחי בעפרייהוTELAFCHEI B'AFRAIHU- lentils in their dirt (in which they grew)

58)[line 38]ושובלילתאSHUVLILASA- fenugreek

59)[line 38]וחומרתא דכשותאCHUMARTA D'CHESHUSA- (O.F. homlon - hops) the blossom of hops

60)[line 39]כאמגוזאK'AMGUZA- like the size of a nut

61)[line 39]לאיפתוחיL'IFTUCHEI- to make [the blisters] swell (so that they will burst and drain)

62)[line 39]תחלי חיורתא בגילא דחיטתאTACHALEI CHIVARTA B'GILA D'CHITESA- [his friend should blow into his throat] white cress (possibly the pepperwort) through a hollow straw of wheat

63)[line 40]לאסוקיL'ASUKEI- to raise [the flesh after the blisters have burst, in order to heal the flesh]

64)[line 41]לברסםL'BIRSAM- (O.F. cider) for an illness (secretion) that starts in the head and comes through the nose

65)[line 41]כי פיסתקא דנישדורKI PISTEKA D'NISHDOR- like the size of a cedar-nut of ammoniac (O.F. ammonica)

66)[line 41]דחלבניתא דובשניתאD'CHELBENISA DUVSHENISA- galbanum that is sweet

67)[line 41]ומלי תרוודא דובשא חיוראU'MALEI TARVADA DUVSHA CHIVRA- and a spoonful of white honey

68)[line 42]נטלא בת מחוזאNATLA BAS MECHOZA- a Mechozite Natla (a Natla is a utensil utensil used in the region of Mechoza as a measure for a Revi'is)

69)[line 42]חמרא נקידאCHAMRA NEKIDA- clear wine that is not red (RASHI)

70)[last line]דחלבא דעיזא חיוורתיD'CHALBA D'IZA CHIVARTI- that the milk of a white goat


71)[line 1]וניטייפיה אתלת קלחי כרבאV'ITAIFEI A'TELAS KALCHEI KARVA- and have it drip over three stalks of cabbage

72)[line 1]וניבחשיה בגווזא דמרמהיןV'NIVCHASHEI B'GAVZA D'MARMEHIN- and stir it with a twig of the "Marmehin" tree

73)[line 3]נפקיNAFKEI- excrement

74)[line 4]וניגבול בנטפאV'NIGBOL B'NATFA- and knead it with balsam

75)[line 5]דמפריקD'MAFRIK- it pulls apart one's limbs

76a)[line 5]לגיראL'GIRA- for the illness called "Gira" (literally "arrow"), which RASHI explains to mean "espointe" (shooting pain) in Old French

b)[line 5]גירא דליליתאGIRA D'LILISA- lit. an arrow of Lilis, referring to an arrow-shaped stone that falls with hail (a meteor?)

77)[line 8]מגילויאMI'GILUYA- from uncovered water (from which a snake might have drunk, leaving its venom in it; see Background to Ta'anis 30:6)

78)[line 8]אנפקאANPEKA- a utensil that holds a Revi'is

79)[line 9]למורסאL'MURSA- for a blister/abscess

80)[line 9]באהלא תולאנאOHALA TULANA- [mixed with] red aloe (RASHI)

81)[line 10]לפירחא דליבאPIRCHA D'LIBA- (O.F. pasmer) fluttering (or faint) heart

82)[line 11]ברושייאתא דשעריBERUSHIYASA D'SA'AREI- loaves of barley bread

83)[line 11]ונשטרינהו בכמכאV'NISHTERINHU B'KAMCHA- (O.F. tenprer) and soak them in a sauce called Kamcha (the same as Kutach, a dip that is prepared by cooking whey with stale bread and salt)

84)[line 13]חמרא מרקאCHAMRA MARKA- diluted wine

85)[line 15]ליוקרא דליבאYUKRA D'LIBA- heaviness of the heart

86)[line 18]לצרחא דליבאTZARCHA D'LIBA- heart pain

87)[line 18]תלת ביעי נינייאTELAS BEI'EI NINYA- three egg-volumes of mint (see alternate reading in Mesoras ha'Shas)

88)[line 19]דכמונאKAMONA- cumin

89)[line 19]דשומשימיSHUMSHEMEI- sesame

90)[line 20]לכאב מעיKE'EV ME'EI- abdominal (or intestinal) pain

91)[line 20]פלפלי אריכתאPIPELEI ARICHTA- long peppers

92)[line 23]ואתסיאITASYA- she was healed

93)[line 23]לכירצאKIRTZA- intestinal worms

94)[line 24]באטרפא דעראהATREFA D'ARA'AH- a leaf of the laurel (O.F. lorier)

95)[line 25]ביזרא גלגילאBIZRA GALGILA- seed of the Galgila plant (O.F. orugue)

96)[line 25]וניציירה בשיסתגNITZAIRAH B'SHISTAG- wrap it in strips of cotton

97)[line 27]למישראL'MEISAR- to bind (i.e. to stop diarrhea)

98)[line 27]סיסין רטיבאSISIN RETIVA- (O.F. poliol) moist pennyroyal

99)[line 28]למישראL'MISHRA- to open (i.e. to relieve constipation)

100)[line 28]יבישתאYABEISHTA- dried

101)[line 29]וסימנךV'SIMANACH- and your sign [to remember this]

102)[line 29]איצא רטיבא דסכר נהראITZA RETIVA D'SACHAR NAHARA- fresh Itza (a type of grass) that stops up a river (i.e. something that is moist stops up)

103)[line 29]לטחלאL'TACHALA- for illness (bloating) of the spleen

104)[line 30]ביני דמיאBINEI D'MAYA- (O.F. sansues) water leeches

105)[line 32]דציפרתא דלא איפתחTZIPORTA D'LO IFTACH- a goat that has not opened (i.e. has never given birth)

106)[line 35]ונטחיאNITACHYEI- he should press it (the spleen of the goat)

107)[line 35]ביני אורביBEINEI URVEI- between the bricks [of a new house]

108)[line 36]ליבקיLIVKI- he should find

109)[line 36]שכבאSHICHVA- a person who died

110)[line 39]ביניתאBINISA- a fish

111)[line 40]וניטווייה בי נפחאNITAVYEI [B'NURA D'] BEI NAFCHA- roast it in [the fire of (Girsa of RASHI)] a blacksmith

112)[line 44]לרושחתאRUSHCHASA- hemorrhoids

113)[line 45]אקיקאAKIKA- acacia

114)[line 45]ואילוואILAVA- aloe

115)[line 45]ואספירכאASPIRCHA- pure silver

116)[line 45]ומרתכאMARTECHA- (O.F. cogilon) silver dross

117)[line 45]וחומרתא דפילוןCHUMARTA D'FILON- and a button (small box of gold or silver hung on the necklace of women) in which phyllon (an herb that looks like the leaves of a grapevine) is placed (RASHI)

118)[line 45]ושיאפא דחמימתאSHI'AFA D'CHAMIMASA- excrement of a dove (or chicken; RASHI)

119)[line 45]ונינקט בשחקי דכיתנאNINKAT B'SHACHAKEI D'CHISNA- hold them in rags of flax

120)[line 45]בקייטאKAITA- summer

121)[line 46]ודעמר גופנאAMAR GUFNA- cotton

122)[line 46]בסיתואSISVA- winter

123)[line 46]שיכרא מרקאSHICHRA MARKA- diluted beer

124)[line 46]לשיגרונאSHIGRONA- a disease of the thighs and hips (O.F. hanche - loins)

125)[line 46]פתיא דמוניניPASYA D'MOINEI- a pot of brine of small fish

126)[line 46]וניגנדריהNIGANDEREI- roll it

127)[line 47]מטחתיהMATACHTEI- hip

128)[line 47]לצמירתאTZEMIRTA- a stone in the urinary tract that impedes urinating (RASHI)

129)[line 47]ניטופייתאNITOFYASA- drops

130)[line 47]מישחא דכופראMISHCHA D'CHUFRA- tar oil

131)[line 47]איצרא דכרתיITZRA D'CHARTEI- extract of leeks

132)[line 48]אונא דזיקאUNA D'ZIKA- the handle of a flask

133)[line 49]חוטא דזהוריתאCHUTA D'ZEHORISA- a thread of purple

134)[line 49]דשדתיה דומה בת דומהD'SHADTEI DUMAH BAS DUMAH- that was spun by a suspected woman (i.e. of ill repute), the daughter of a suspected woman

135)[line 50]כינה דזכר ונקבהKINAH D'ZACHAR U'NEKEVAH- a louse from a man and from a woman

136)[line 51]אסיסנא יבישתאASISNA YEVEISHTA- on dry thorns

137)[line 51]ונעיין בחומרתא דנפק' מיניהV'NE'AYEIN B'CHUMARTA D'NAFKA MINEI- and look for the stone that exits from him

138)[line 51]צימראTZIMRA- (O.F. fievre) fever

139)[line 51]לצימרא בראTZIMRA BARA- external fever

140)[line 52]תלתא גריבי סופליTELASA GERIVEI SUFLEI- three Se'ah of date pits

141)[line 52]אטרף אדראATRAF ADARA- leaves of the Adar tree (see Gemara in Beitzah 15b)

142)[line 53]משיכליMESHICHLEI- troughs

143)[line 53]פתוראPESORA- a small table

144)[line 54]הבלאHAVLA- the steam [from the troughs goes up into his body]

145)[line 54]ולסחיV'LISCHEI- and wash [from the waters in which the Adar leaves and date pits were cooked]

146)[line 54]דמיעקריMI'AKREI- they cause sterility

147)[line 54]לצימרא גוונאL'TZIMRA GAVNA- for internal fever

148)[last line]בוני דסילקאBUNEI D'SILKA- fistfuls of beets

149)[last line]משב משאריMI'SHEV MISH'AREI- from seven rows (of beets)

150)[last line]אטרף אדרא בשיכראATRAF ADARA B'SHICHRA- leaves of the Adar tree with beer