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Max Munk asked:

According to the Ramban, quoted below, they baked the matzah while traveling in the morning, and not the night before. Yet the Mitzva of eating matza is at night with the korban and Maror. If in Mitzrayim they only ate the matza on Pesach morning, instead of at night, then why didn't our Mishna list as a diferrence between Pesach Mitzrayim and Pesach Doros the miztva of "Al Matsos umororim yochlu-u" ?

Gut Shabbos, and Tizku Lemitzvos for the Torah treasures you keep on giving us.


(a) The RAMBAN (Shemos 12:39) explains that they certainly would not have

baked Chametz, even had they not been rushed. The point of the verse in the

Torah is not to teach that had they not been rushed, they would have baked

bread. Rather, it is teaching that had they not been rushed, they would have

baked Matzah at home in Mitzrayim , and not while traveling. The Torah is

telling us that they baked the dough as they traveled because they were

rushed out (and that is why it was still dough and not a finished product of

Matzah). The Torah is emphasizing that they baked it on the road and not in

Mitzrayim. <<

The Kollel replies:

According to the Ramban, they certainly ate Matzos ate night as well. The Ramban just adds that they also baked Matzos in the morning, to eat during the day.