BAVA METZIA 112-116 - Two weeks of study material have been dedicated by Mrs. Estanne Abraham Fawer to honor the Yahrzeit of her father, Rav Mordechai ben Eliezer Zvi (Rabbi Morton Weiner) Z'L, who passed away on 18 Teves 5760. May the merit of supporting and advancing Dafyomi study -- which was so important to Rav Weiner -- during the weeks of his Yahrzeit serve as an Iluy for his Neshamah.

[114a - 29 lines; 114b - 42 lines]

1)[line 1]IVRA- indeed, in truth

2)[line 1]"[ , ;] ..""[HASHEV TASHIV LO ES HA'AVOT K'VO HA'SHEMESH, V'SHACHAV B'SALMASO U'VERACHEKA;] U'LECHA TIHEYEH TZEDAKAH..."- "[You shall deliver him the pledge back when the sun goes down, that he may sleep in his own garment, and bless you;] and it shall be righteousness to you [before HaSh-m]." (Devarim 24:13)

3)[line 2] MAHU SHE'YESADRU B'VA'AL CHOV- see Background to Bava Metzia 113:15a

4)[line 3] ?MI GAMAR MICHAH MICHAH?- Do we learn a Gezeirah Shavah to teaching the laws of a loan from the laws of Erchin, from the words, " " "V'Chi Yamuch Achicha u'Matah Yado Imach" (Vayikra 25:35) and " " "V'Im Mach Hu me'Erkecha" (ibid. 27:8)?

5)[line 4] SHALACH RAVIN B'IGARTEI- Ravin sent [this response] in his letter

6)[line 5], BERAM, KACH HAYESAH SHE'EILAH- however, such a question was asked (from which we can learn the answer to our question)

7)[line 6]MANEH- a coin equal in value to 25 Sela'im, or 100 Zuz (see Background to Bava Metzia 102:25)

8)[line 6] BEDEK HA'BAYIS- the funds that were used for the upkeep of the Beis ha'Mikdash

9)[line 12] NIDON BI'CHEVODO- If a person made a vow to give to Hekdesh an honorable limb of his body (i.e. a limb without which he cannot live), he has to give to Hekdesh his full value

10)[line 16]" ""V'IM MACH HU ME'ERKECHA"- "But if he is too poor for the endowment value, [then he shall present himself before the Kohen, and the Kohen shall value him; according to the ability of the one who vowed shall the Kohen value him.]" (Vayikra 27:8)

11)[line 18]B'MACHUSO- [in] his state of poverty

12)[last line]" ""V'CHI YAMUCH ACHICHA"- "And if your brother has become poor...." (Vayikra 25:35-36)


13)[line 1]" ""V'LO YIR'EH VECHA ERVAS DAVAR"- "... and He shall not see anything unbecoming (lit. nakedness) in you." (Devarim 23:15) The Gemara interprets this verse to be teaching that one who speaks to HaSh-m (by reciting a blessing) may not speak to Him while he is naked.

14)[line 5] KIVREIHEN SHEL OVDEI KOCHAVIM EIN METAM'IN - the graves of Nochrim do not cause Tum'as Ohel (TUM'AS OHEL)

See Background to Bava Kama 105:13.

15)[line 6]" , , ...""V'ATEN TZONI, TZON MAR'ISI, ADAM ATEM..."- "And you my flock, the flock of my pasture, are men..." (Yechezkel 34:31)

16)[line 9] DECHIKA LI MILSA- things are hard for me (i.e. I am poor)

17)[line 10] DABREI V'AILEI L'GAN EDEN- he led him and brought him up to Gan Eden

18)[line 11] PESHOT GELIMECH- remove your coat

19)[line 11] SAFI, SHEKOL ME'HANEI TARPEI- gather and take from these leaves

20)[line 13], NAFATZ, SHADANHU- (O.F. escost) he shook [out his coat], and threw down the leaves

21)[line 14] SACHAT GELIMA REICHA- the coat absorbed the aroma

22)[line 15] PALGINHU L'CHASNEVASEI- he distributed it (the money) to his sons-in-law

23)[line 35]?ISAMYEI?- Should I remove it [from my compilation of Beraisa'os]?

24)[line 40] SHOMTO ME'AL GABEI VANAV- he may confiscate it from the possession of the sons (of the debtor who died, even though, normally, a creditor may not collect the Metaltelin (mobile property) of heirs for a debt owed to him by their father)