BAVA KAMA 75 (9 Av) - The Daf for Tisha b'Av this year has been dedicated by Mrs. Gitti Kornfeld in memory of her father, Reb Yisrael Shimon ben Shlomo ha'Levi Turkel, whose Yahrzeit is on 10 Av.

[75 - 50 lines; 75b - 43 lines]

1)[line 13]"אם המצא תמצא""IM HIMATZEI TIMATZEI"- "If the theft be at all found [in his hand alive, whether it be an ox, or a donkey, or a sheep; he shall restore double.]" (Shemos 22:3)

2)[line 15]"אשר ירשיעון""ASHER YARSHI'UN"- "[... or for any kind of lost thing, about which he will say that this is it, the cause of both parties shall come before the judges;] and whom the judges shall condemn, [he shall pay double to his neighbor.]" (Shemos 22:8)

3)[line 19]שממשמשים ובאיםSHE'MEMASHMESHIM U'VA'IM- they were approaching

4)[line 31]ביעתותא דעדיםBI'ASUSA D'EDIM- the fear of the witnesses

5)[line 38]שהרי פטר עצמו מכלוםSHE'HAREI PATAR ATZMO MI'KELUM- for he exempted himself from nothing (since it is obvious that he admit to the Tevichah or Mechirah only because he was afraid that Edim would come)

6)[line 39]קפחתי[נהו] לסבי דבי רבKIPACHTI[NHU] L'SAVEI D'VEI RAV- you have angered the elders of the Yeshiva (see Tosfos, Maharsha)


7)[line 21]עדות שבטלה מקצתה בטלה כולהEDUS SHE'BATLAH MIKTZASAH, BATLAH KULAH- when part of the details of the testimony of witnesses is proven to be invalid, the entire testimony is invalid

8)[line 23]והוא משלם תשלומי שלשה לפר ושנים לאילV'HU MESHALEM TASHLUMEI SHELOSHAH L'FAR U'SHNAYIM L'AYIL- and he (the Ganav) pays three times the value of the animal that he stole and sold (or slaughtered) for a cow, and two times the value of the animal for a ram

9)[line 34]בעדות שאי אתה יכול להזימהB'EDUS SH'IY ATAH YACHOL L'HAZIMAH- testimony of witnesses that does not allow for the possibility of being proven false through "Hazamah"

10)[line 42]סיועי הוא דקא מסייעי ליהSIYU'EI HU D'KA MESAYE'EI LEI- they are merely supporting his (the Ganav's) own admission