TOSFOS DH Chad Amar Al Chad Trei

תוספות ד"ה חד אמר על חד תרי

(SUMMARY: Tosfos explains why this was taught about eggs.)

וא"ת מאי איריא ביצים אפי' שאר דברים נמי כדאמרי' (לעיל דף צ.) המשתכר אל ישתכר יותר משתות


Question: Why was this taught about eggs? Even other matters, we said above (90a) that one may not profit more than a sixth!

ותירץ ריב"ם דמיירי אפי' טרח דהיכא דאיכא טירחא יכול להשתכר יותר משתות כדאמרי' בהמפקיד (ב"מ דף מ:) איכא טירחא ודמי ברזנייתא


Answer #1 (Rivam): We discuss even if he toiled. When there is toil, one may profit more than a sixth, like it says in Bava Metzi'a (40b, that Rav Yehudah profited more than a sixth selling wine,) for there is toil, and he needed to pay Barzenaisa (the merchant who sold his wine, or the one who opened the barrel).

ולרשב"א נראה דהכא מיירי אפי' בביצים שאינו לוקח מן השוק אלא מתרנגולת שבביתו דכי האי גוונא בשאר דברים שרי


Answer #2 (Rashba): We discuss even eggs that he did not buy in the market, rather, he took them from his hen in his house. In such a case, regarding other matters it is permitted [to profit more than a sixth]. (The Rashba did not explain what is called double profit. Mechezeh Avraham says that one may sell his own wares for more than their value, since they are dear to him (Bava Metzi'a 38a, 51a). Regarding eggs, one may not profit more than others, for he did not toil so much for them. However, in what sense is this "double"? Based on his reasoning, it could mean twice the market price - PF.)


TOSFOS DH Eimasai bi'Zman she'Eino Motzei Likach v'Chulei

תוספות ד"ה אימתי בזמן שאינו מוצא ליקח כו'

(SUMMARY: Tosfos questions R. Shimon's opinion.)

תימה אם אינו מוצא ליקח אפי' אלף סאה בסלע מה יעשה כיון שאינו מוצא ליקח


Question: If he cannot find to buy, even if 1000 Se'ah sell for a Sela, what will he do, since he cannot find to buy?! (Ya'avetz - R. Shimon means, when may one leave? It is when he cannot find to buy [regardless of the price]. The Lechem Mishneh (Hilchos Melachim 5:9) says that the Rambam explains like this. He also suggests that R. Shimon means when he cannot find to buy without toil.)