[a - 52 lines; b - 53 lines]

1)[line 1]מציקMATZIK- (a) a [Jewish] tyrant or oppressor (RASHI); (b) a harvester of olives (TOSFOS)

2)[line 1]נפלNEFEL- a stillborn

3)[line 2]והציץV'HITZITZ- and he peered over

4)[line 3]שחולדהSHE'CHULDAH- that a rat, weasel, or marten

5)[line 4]וברדלסU'VARDELAS- (a) (O.F. puteis) ferret; a small, half-tamed, flesh-eating animal similar to a weasel; (b) a polecat; a small dark brown flesh-eating animal similar to a weasel; (c) a striped wild animal of the genus felis leopard; striped hyena (RASHI to Avodah Zarah 42a); (d) marten (Tosfos Sanhedrin 15b DH veha'Bardelas)

6)[line 20]שפחסהSHE'PACHASAH- that the Jew hammered it (the idol, until the form of its face is destroyed)

7)[line 28]המרקוליסHA'MARKULIS- the Roman god Mercury, identified with the Norse god Wodin, worshipped by throwing stones at it or removing stones from in front of it (RAMBAM Hilchos Avodas Kochavim 3:2)

8)[line 28]דרכיםDERACHIM- roads

9)[line 29]וטרטיאותV'TARTI'OS- and theaters

10)[line 31]ששיפהSHE'SHIFAH- that he sanded it (the idol) down

11)[line 32]ושיפוייהV'SHIFUYEHA- and its shavings

12)[line 36]שוחקSOCHEK- he grinds up

13)[line 38]זבלZEVEL- fertilizer

14)[line 42]דרקוןDERAKON- a dragon-like serpent used as a statue to worship

15)[line 50]שהנבייהSHEHA'NEVIYAH- that the leaves [drop]


16)[line 5]קןKAN- a nest

17)[line 7]אשרהASHEIRAH

(a)Asheirah is a tree that serves as a form of Avodah Zarah. (Asheirah was a popular fertility goddess in the Near East. She is identified with Astarte (Ashtaros) and Aphrodite.) An Asheirah tree must be cut down or annulled. No benefit can be derived from it.

(b)The Mishnah (Daf 48a) lists three types of Asheirah trees: 1. A tree that the owner originally planted to worship as Avodah Zarah; 2. A tree that the owner stripped bare of any branches, shoots and the like, either with the intention of serving as an Avodah Zarah the entire tree or only the new growth; 3. A tree under which the owner placed an Avodah Zarah.

18)[line 8]קינתהKINSAH- it nested [in them]

19)[line 9]בקנה יתיזYATIZ B'KANEH- he should knock [the nest out of the tree] with a stick. (See Background to Me'ilah 13:10.)

20)[line 19]באפרוחין יתיזYATIZ B'EFROCHIN- [when the Mishnah says that one may "knock it [with a stick]", it means that one may knock the birds (and not the nest). (See Background to Me'ilah 14:5.)

21)[line 27]דפלחי להוD'PALCHEI LEHU- that they bowed down to them

22)[line 31]לשום שילשול קטןL'SHUM SHILSHUL KATAN- for the sake of [an act of worship of] the angel that oversees a small worm

23)[line 42]שמשי המשמשין לפני במרוםSHIMSHAI HA'MESHAMSHIN LEFANEI BA'MAROM- [do not make images of] my servants who serve before Me on high