YOMA 82 (4 Elul) - Dedicated l'Iluy Nishmas Chaim Yissachar (ben Yakov) Smulewitz of Cleveland on his Yahrzeit, by his daughter and son in law, Jeri & Eli Turkel of Raanana, Israel.

[82a - 37 lines; 82b - 10 lines]

1)[line 1]התינוקותHA'TINOKOS- the young children

2)[line 2]מחנכין אותן לפני שנהMECHANCHIN OSAN LIFNEI SHANAH- the Gemara originally understands this statement to mean that we train the children to fast one year and two years before *the year prior* to their adulthood. This is implicit in the Mishnah's wording, since the Mishnah does not use the term "l'Shanah" but "Lifnei Shanah" (RASHI in the Gemara, DH Ta Shema).

3)[line 8]ורב נחמן אמר בן תשע בן עשרV'RAV NACHMAN AMAR, BEN TESHA, BEN ESER- (Rav Nachman is not arguing with the previous statement of Rav Huna, but is adding to it. Rav Huna discusses a girl, and Rav Nachman is discussing a boy. -RASHI)

4)[line 24]עוברה שהריחהUBRAH SHE'HERICHAH- a pregnant woman who smelled the aroma of a food (and the look on her face changed, or she asked for some of the food; see Mishnah Berurah OC 617)

5)[line 27]כושKUSH- a spindle

6)[line 27]ברוטבB'ROTEV- in sauce

7)[line 36]ניתן להצילה בנפשוNITAN L'HATZILAH B'NAFSHO- it is permitted to save her by taking the life of the man who is attempting to molest her


8)[line 3]מרי דוראיMAREI DURA'I- the ruler of my village

9)[line 4]נקטלך ולא תקטולNIKTELACH, V'LO TIKTOL- let him kill you, but do not kill

10a)[line 4]מאי חזיתMAI CHAZIS- for what reason do you presume

b)[line 4]דדמא דידך סומק טפי?D'DAMA DIDACH SUMAK TEFEI?- that your blood is redder than his (i.e. that your life is more precious than his)?

11)[line 7]לחושו להLECHUSHU LAH- whisper to her (in her ear)

12)[line 8]ואילחישאV'ILCHISHA- and it was effective (she no longer needed the food)

13)[line 8]"בטרם אצרך בבטן ידעתיך ובטרם תצא מרחם הקדשתיך נביא לגוים נתתיך""B'TEREM ETZARCHA VA'BETEN YEDATICHA, UV'TEREM TEZEI ME'RECHEM HIKDASHTICHA."- "Before I formed you in the belly I knew you, and before you came out of the womb I sanctified you." (Yirmeyahu 1:5)