[136a - 52 lines; 136b - 13 lines]

1)[line 10]למכשירי מילהL'MACHSHIREI MILAH- for actions performed in preparation for a Milah such as chopping wood for charcoal that will be used to stoke the fire in order to forge the Milah knife

2)[line 22]שעת הכושרSHE'AS HA'KOSHER- a time that it was permitted (before it became a Tereifah)

3)[line 37]פיהקPIHEK- (O.F. badaillier) yawned

4)[line 42]עיגלא תילתאIGLA TILTA- (a) a third-grown calf (that has reached one-third of its full growth and is particularly tasty) (RASHI Eruvin 63a); (b) a calf that has reached one-third of its expected lifespan, at which time it has reached its full growth (RASHI Sanhedrin 65b); (c) a calf which is a cow's third offspring which is well developed and fat (RASHI ibid., Shabbos 11a, Pesachim 68b); (d) a calf that is healthy and good to eat (TOSFOS Gitin 56a). See Insights

5)[line 42]יממא דשבעהYEMAMA D'SHIV'AH- the seventh day after its birth

6)[line 43]אי איתרחיתו ליה עד לאורתאIY ISRECHISU LEI AD L'URTA- if you had waited until nightfall to slaughter it (which is the night of the eighth day)

7)[line 48]צוורוניתא קבעית למיכל?TZAVERONEYASA KA'BA'IS L'MEICHAL?- did you want to eat delicacies (which are fed to mourners)?

8)[line 49]איתרע ביה מילתאISRA BEI MILSA- his baby died


9)[line 5]שריתוהSHARISUHA- you have found a way to absolve the Kohen's wife of the need for Chalitzah, and as such she will not be prohibited to him! (lit. you have permitted her!)

10)[line 5]יהא רעוא דתשרו תרבאYEHEI RA'AVA D'TASHRU TARBA- may it be HaSh-m's will that you [find a way to] permit forbidden fats!

11)[line 9]ערכיןERCHIN (ERECH)

(a)An Erech (endowment valuation) refers to a special form of vow. If a person declares, "Erech Ploni Alai" - "I accept upon myself to give the endowment value of so-and-so [to Hekdesh]," he must give the specific value that the Torah designates for the person's gender and age group as stated in Vayikra 27:1-8. It makes no difference at all whether the person is healthy or sick, strong or weak.

(b)If one wishes to pledge the value of an individual - whether his own or that of someone else:

1.For ages 1 month to 5 years - the Erech for males is 5 Shekalim and for females is 3 Shekalim

2.For ages 5 years to 20 years - the Erech for males is 20 Shekalim and for females is 10 Shekalim

3.For ages 20 yrs. to 60 years - the Erech for males is 50 Shekalim and for females is 30 Shekalim

4.For ages 60 years and older - the Erech for males is 15 Shekalim and for females is 10 Shekalim

12)[last line]טומטוםTUMTUM- a person whose genitals are hidden so that we do not know if he is a male or a female

13)[last line]אנדרוגינוסANDROGINUS- a hermaphrodite, a person with both male and female reproductive organs