[93a - 35 lines; 93b - 39 lines]

*********************GIRSA SECTION*********************

We recommend using the textual changes suggested by the Bach and the marginal notes of the Vilna Shas. This section is devoted to any other important corrections that Acharonim have pointed out in the Gemara, Rashi and Tosfos.

[1] Mishnah 93b [line 22]:

"Amar Lei Rebbi Yosi" אמר ליה רבי יוסי

The word "Lei" is unnecessary (Meleches Shlomo) and does not appear in the manuscripts, the early printings, the Rishonim, the Yerushalmi, and most of the printings of the Mishnah.


1)[line 4]אין שוחטין וזורקין על טמא שרץEIN SHOCHATIN V'ZORKIN AL TEMEI SHERETZ

(a)There is an opinion which maintains that the Shechitah and Zerikas ha'Dam of the Korban Pesach may not be performed on behalf of one who is a Temei Sheretz. Although he will be able to partake of the Pesach by the time it is eaten, he must wait until Pesach Sheni.

2)[line 8]ובועלי נדותBO'ALEI NIDOS

One who has intimate relations with a Nidah becomes Tamei for seven days, similar to the Nidah herself. His Tum'ah, however, is less stringent. Any object which comes into contact with him (Maga'o), as well as any object underneath him (Tachtono), gain the same status of an object which lies above a Nidah (Elyonah); namely, that of a Rishon l'Tum'ah (Vayikra 15:24; see Nidah 33a, and Charts to Nidah 33:8b). After seven days, he immerses in a Mikvah during the daytime in order to complete his purification process.


3)[line 1]מגדףMEGADEF

The Torah states that one who is Megadef is punished with Kares (Bamidbar 15:30). There are two opinions regarding what the transgression of a Megadef is: (a) one who curses HaSh-m; (b) one who plays music and sings in honor of an Avodah Zarah.

4)[line 20]המודיעיםMODI'IM- a village in hills to the northeast of Lod; the hometown of the Maccabees

5)[line 21]מאיסקופת העזרהME'ISKUFAS HA'AZARAH- the threshold of the Azarah

6)[line 24]מילין / פרסאותMILIN / PARSA'OS (MEASURES OF DISTANCE)

(a)A Parsah is a Persian mile, equal to approximately 3.84 kilometers (2.4 miles) or 4.608 kilometers (2.88 miles), depending upon the differing Halachic opinions.

(b)Some numerical equivalents used in our Sugya:

1.1 Mil = 2,000 Amos = 960 or 1152 meters

2.1 Parsah = 4 Mil = 3.84 or 4.608 km

3.5 Milin = 10,000 Amos = 4.80 or 5.760 km

4.15 Milin = 30,000 Amos = 14.4 or 17.28 km

5.10 Parsah = 40 Mil = 38.4 or 46.08 km