NEDARIM 83 (30 Av) - Today's study material has been dedicated by Al and Sophie Ziegler of Har Nof, Yerushalayim, in honor of the Yahrzeit of Al's father, Bernard B. Ziegler - Binyamin Baruch ben Avraham (and Miryam), which occurs on 30 Menachem Av.


A VOW NOT TO BENEFIT FROM OTHERS (Yerushalmi Perek 11 Halachah 2 Daf 37a)

ר' זעירא בשם שמואל כל הנדרים אדם מיפר חוץ מהאומרת הנייתי על פלוני


(R. Ze'ira citing Shmuel): A man can annul all vows, except for one who says 'benefit from me is Al (forbidden to) Ploni.'

הא [דף לז עמוד ב] הניית פלוני עלי יפר. והתנינן קונם פירות חנווני זה עלי אינו יכול להפר


Question: This implies that 'benefit from Ploni is Alai', he can annul. Our Mishnah taught 'Peros of this grocer are Alai', he cannot annul!

פתר לה כרבי יוסי וחלוקים עליו דתנינן תמן אם לא היתה פרנסתו אלא ממנו הרי זה יפר.


Answer: He establishes [our Mishnah] like R. Yosi, and [Rabanan] argue with him, for it teaches there (in the Seifa) 'if his Parnasah (all his food) is only from him, he can annul', [R. Yosi says so. Presumably, also the Reisha is R. Yosi.]

אמר רבי יוסי דו מקיף ליה. דו יב ליה.


(R. Yosi): [R. Yosi holds that he buys only from him because] this [grocer] lends to him and gives to him [food] on credit.

אמר רבי מנא דו יב ליה מקמה טבא:


(R. Mana): [R. Yosi holds that he buys only from him because] he gives to him good grain.


BENEFIT FROM MATTERS THAT THE MADIR MAY NOT KEEP (Yerushalmi Perek 11 Halachah 3 Daf 37b)

מתני' קונם שאיני נהנית לבריות אינו יכול להפר ויכולה היא ליהנות בלקט ובשכחה ובפיאה


(Mishnah): [If she vowed] 'Konam, I will not benefit from the creations (i.e. people)' [he] cannot annul this (for she did not refer to him. Also,) she can benefit from Leket, Shichechah and Pe'ah (sheaves that drop or were forgotten during harvesting, and a corner of the field not harvested; all of these are left for the poor);

קונם כהנים ולוים נהנין לי יטלו על כורחו


'Konam, Kohanim and Leviyim will not benefit from me', they may take (tithes and gifts due to them) against his will;

כהנים אילו ולוים אילו נהנין לי יטלו אחרים:


[If he forbade] 'these Kohanim and Leviyim', others take [the tithes and gifts].

גמ' א"ר יוחנן כיני מתניתא ויכולה היא ליהנות בלקט בשכחה ובפיאה.


(Gemara - R. Yochanan): Our Mishnah says that she can benefit from Leket, Shichechah and Pe'ah [but not from Ma'aser Oni].