WAFES FOR TEACHING TORAH (Yerushalmi Perek 4 Halachah 3 Daf 14a)

כתיב [דברים ד ה] ראה לימדתי אתכם [דף יד עמוד ב] חוקים ומשפטים מה אני בחנם אף אתם בחנם.


It says "Re'e Limadti Eschem Chukim u'Mishpatim" - just like I [Moshe, taught you] for free, also you [must teach] for free.

יכול מקרא ותרגום כן


Suggestion: Perhaps this is so [even] for Mikra (written Torah) and Targum!

ת"ל חוקים ומשפטים חוקים ומשפטים אתם מלמדים בחנם ואי אתם מלמדין בחנם מקרא ותרגום.


Rejection: "Chukim u'Mishpatim" - you must teach Chukim and Mishpatim for free, but you [need] not teach Mikra and Targum for free. (HA'AMUK DAVAR Vayikra 18:5 - Chukim are Drashos based on the Midos for expounding the Torah. Mishpatim are laws based on the Chukim.)

וכן (חמיי) [צ"ל חמיין - קרבן העדה] מתנייא נסבין אגריהון.


Question: We see that people who teach Mishnayos receive wages!

א"ר יודן בי רבי ישמעאל שכר בטילין הן נוטלין.


Answer #1 (R. Yudan bei R. Yishmael): They receive Sechar Betelah (compensation for wages that they could have earned if they were not teaching).

אמר רבי זעירא מדבריהן


Answer #2 (R. Ze'ira): [They receive wages due to an enactment] mid'Rabanan. (They have power to enact unlike Torah law, for the sake of Torah.)