NEDARIM 22 (28 Sivan) - dedicated to the memory of Hagaon Rav Yisroel Zev (ben Rav Avrohom Tzvi) Gustman, ZT'L, Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshivas Netzach Yisrael-Ramailes (in Vilna, Brooklyn, and then Yerushalayim), author of Kuntresei Shi'urim, and renowned Dayan in pre-war and post-war Vilna, in honor of his Yahrzeit (28 Sivan). Dedicated by Talmidim who merited to study under him in Yerushalayim: Harav Eliezer Stern and Harav Zalman Stern of Brooklyn NY, Rav Avraham Feldman, Yechiel Wachtel, Michoel Starr and Dr. Yehoshua Daniel of Yerushalayim.
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VOWS OF PERSUASION (Yerushalmi Perek 3 Halachah 1 Daf 8a)

א"ר זעירא הדא דאת אמר בשאינן מעמידים. אבל אם היו מעמידין צריכין היתר חכם.


(R. Ze'ira): This is when [the buyer and seller] do not sustain (say that they truly intended to vow), but if they sustain, they need a Heter through a Chacham.

הרי זה מעמיד (וזה) [צ"ל אצל זה ואצל זה - ר"ן כא:א] אינו מעמיד


Question: If [he vowed to two buyers, and] to this one he sustains (he intended for a Neder), and this one he does not sustain [what is the law]?

מאחר שבטל אצל זה יבטל זה.


Answer: Since it is Batel for this one (to whom he does not sustain), it is Batel regarding this one. (A vow that is partially Batel is totally Batel.)

תלמידויי דרבי חייה בר לולייני א"ר יודן שאילו היה אומר זה בסלע וזה אומר (ליתן לו בשלש וזה אומר בשקל מעמיד) [צ"ל בשקל וזה אומר ליתן לו בשלש - אור שמח] מעמיד מאחר שביטל דינר זה על זה יבטל עוד דינר אחר אצלו. ויתנו לו בשנים.


(Talmidim of R. Chiya bar Lulaini citing R. Yudan): If [the seller] said a Sela (four Zuz), and this [buyer] said to give to him for a Shekel, and [now the seller] said to give to him for three, he sustains (when he vowed, he did not intend to sell for less than three), since this one was Mevatel a Dinar to this one, he can be Mevatel another Dinar to him, and sell to him for two [if he wants. Even if he vowed with intent not to sell for less than three, this is Davar sheb'Lev (unspoken intent). He vowed about a Sela only to persuade, so it is Batel, and he never said a vow about three. We explained this like OHR SOMAYACH Hilchos Nedarim 4:3.]

א"ר אמי מאן תני נידרי זירוזין רבי טרפון


(R. Ami): Who taught vows of persuasion? It is R. Tarfon (who says that Nezirus is only b'Hafla'ah (a clear acceptance), and he equates Nedarim to Nezirus).

דו פתר לה במעמידין.


[R. Ami] establishes our Mishnah when they sustain.

[דף ח עמוד ב] א"ר בא תיפתר דברי הכל שאין מעמידין


(R. Bari): It is like everyone, when they do not sustain.

אין תימר במעמידין ניתני רבי אליעזר בן יעקב ורבי טרפון שניהן אמרו דבר אחד.


Support: If you will say that it is when they sustain, it should teach that R. Eliezer ben Yakov and R. Tarfon both said the same matter!