[64a - 16 lines; 64b - 24 lines]

1)[line 7]פותחין בנולדPOSCHIN B'NOLAD

(a)When an adult makes a Neder (or designates Chalah, Terumah, or Kodshim) or Nezirus, and he regrets having made the Neder, he may have it revoked by a Beis Din of three (if they are not outstanding authorities) or a Yachid Mumcheh (an outstanding authority). The general method used is that Beis Din investigates whether the person would not have made the Neder in the first place had he been aware of a particular fact. This investigation provides the person with a "Pesach" (opening) with which the Beis Din can revoke the Neder.

(b)A Pesach based on a factor that did not exist at the time the person made the Neder, and thus which the person could not have taken into account, is termed "Nolad" (born). There is a Machlokes Tana'im as to whether or not such a Pesach allows the Neder to be annulled. Rebbi Eliezer rules Poschin b'Nolad, based upon the precedent of a verse (Shemos 4:19, Nedarim 64b). The Tana'im who rule Ein Poschin, disagreeing with the interpretation of the verse, consider a Pesach that is Nolad to be invalid, since it was "born" at this point in time and would not have changed the situation at the time of the Neder.


2)[line 5]כיון דאיחצף ליהKEIVAN D'ICHTZAF LEI- since he was rude to him