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ROSH HASHANAH 25 (4 Sivan) - Dedicated by Rabbi Kornfeld's father, Mr. David Kornfeld, in memory of the members of his family who perished at the hands of the Nazi murderers in the Holocaust, Hashem Yikom Damam: His mother (Mirel bas Yakov Mordechai), brothers (Shraga Feivel, Aryeh Leib and Yisachar Dov sons of Mordechai), grandfather (Reb Yakov Mordechai ben Reb David Shpira) and aunt (Charne bas Yakov Mordechai, the wife of Reb Moshe Aryeh Cohen zt'l). Their Yahrzeit is observed on 4 Sivan.


1. The Mishnah relates the case which caused a tremendous dispute between Raban Gamliel and Rebbi Yehoshua.
2. Raban Gamliel ordered Rebbi Yehoshua to appear before him on "Rebbi Yehoshua's Yom Kippur" with his wallet and walking stick.
3. Rebbi Akiva and Rebbi Dosa ben Hurkinus convinced Rebbi Yehoshua to comply with Raban Gamliel.
4. Rebbi Yehoshua complied, causing Raban Gamliel great joy.
5. When the moon seemed to be new but Raban Gamliel knew that it was not, he let everyone recognize that it was not Rosh Chodesh.


1. Witnesses said that they saw the old moon in the morning in the east, and the new moon in the evening in the west. Most Tana'im, including Rebbi Yehoshua, said that they were clearly false witnesses. Raban Gamliel accepted them and established the new month according to their testimony.
2. Rebbi Yehoshua held that the new month was not when Raban Gamliel established it, and therefore maintained that the real Yom Kippur was a day later than it was on the calendar established by Raban Gamliel. Rebbi Yehoshua had been planning on observing the day of Yom Kippur according to his ruling.
3. Rebbi Akiva told Rebbi Yehoshua that when the verse says, "...[these are the festivals...] which you will call them," regarding the new month, it is teaching that whenever the Beis Din, in any generation, will declare a new month, even if their reasoning is wrong, their declaration takes effect.
4. Raban Gamliel kissed Rebbi Yehoshua and told him, "Come in peace, my master and my student! You are my master in wisdom, and my student as you have accepted my words."
5. He gave a very long eulogy for the mother of Ben Zaza even though she did not deserve it, so that all would realize that it was not Rosh Chodesh (as one may not give a eulogy on Rosh Chodesh).

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