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1. A potential danger is treated with more stringency than a Safek Isur.
2. If water, wine, or milk is left uncovered for enough time for a snake to drink from it, it is prohibited.
3. According to Rav Huna, a knife used for Shechitah that was found to be blemished after the Shechitah is Pasul, even if had been used after the Shechitah, before being checked, for the entire day for breaking bones.
4. According to Rav Chisda, if the knife was checked before the Shechitah and found to be unblemished, and then it was checked again after the Shechitah and found to be blemished, the Shechitah is valid, even if the knife was not used for breaking bones.
5. After a person who is Tamei immerses in the Mikvah, he finds a Chatzitzah on his body. Even if he was occupied with the item that caused the Chatzitzah the entire day after his immersion, his Tevilah is not valid unless he says that he is certain that the Chatzitzah occurred afterwards.
6. The Shechitah of a bird requires the cutting of only one Siman. If the other Siman was dislocated after Shechitah, it is Kosher. If it occurred prior to the Shechitah, it is a Tereifah.
7. Min ha'Torah, a Shochet is trusted to check his own knife before Shechitah, because one witness is believed in cases of Isurim.
8. If a Nega develops in a dark house and the Kohen cannot see the Nega, the house is Tahor.
9. When a Kohen is Masgir a house with a Nega, he must stand outside the entrance of the house.


1. Water that was left unattended is forbidden despite the unlikelihood that a snake drank from it, because it is a potential danger.
2. If it was left unattended for enough time for a snake to come from a nearby hiding place under the vessel's handle, drink from the vessel, and return to its hole, it is prohibited.
3. According to Rav Huna, whenever there is a Safek in the Shechitah, it is Pasul, because an animal has a Chezkas Isur while it is alive. It is prohibited by the Isur of Ever Min ha'Chai until it is known for certain that it was slaughtered properly.
4. Since it was checked before the Shechitah, there is no concern that the hide of the animal caused a blemish in the knife before the actual Shechitah, because it is more likely that it became blemished from the bones in the neck of the animal.
5. Even according to Rav Chisda, the Chatzitzah is Pasul, because the Chatzitzah is a Rei'usa in the person himself, while the knife is a Rei'usa in something other than the animal.
6. If there is a doubt about whether the Siman was dislocated before Shechitah or after Shechitah, it is Pasul, even according to Rav Chisda, because it is a Rei'usa in the animal itself.
7. However, mid'Rabanan the knife must be shown to a Chacham out of honor for the Chacham.
8. We do not open a window into the house in order to enable the Kohen to see the Nega.
9. Nevertheless, if he is Masgir the house from a distance or from inside the house, b'Di'eved it is a valid Hesger.

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