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1. It is forbidden for Bnei Noach to wrong one another.
2. A Ben Noach who learns Torah is Chayav Misah.
3. There is a dispute between the Tanaim regarding whether it is forbidden to consume blood from a creature that is still alive.
4. The Mitzvos which were given to Bnei Noach and then repeated on Har Sinai pertain to all mankind.
5. The Mitzvos Bnei Noach which were not repeated on Har Sinai pertain only to Klal Yisrael.
6. There is nothing that is forbidden to a Ben Noach and permitted to a Yisrael.
7. When a Beis Din decrees that something is prohibited, it becomes permitted only when the Beis Din explicitly declares it to be permitted.
8. The Mitzvah of Milah was given only to Avraham Avinu and his descendants.
9. Adam ha'Rishon was not permitted to eat meat.
10. It is unfortunate that the original snake was cursed, for it would have served as a great servant.
11. Adam ha'Rishon lived in Gan Eden prior to his sin.


1. The Mitzvah of Dinim includes a prohibition to wrong another person.
2. A Ben Noach is permitted, however, to learn the Dinim of the seven Mitzvos of Bnei Noach. In fact, a Ben Noach who does learn those Dinim will receive great reward, because even a non-Jew who learns Torah is comparable to the Kohen Gadol.
3. Rebbi Chanina Ben Gamliel maintains that blood from a Chai is forbidden. The Rabanan maintain that there is no prohibition to consume blood from a Chai. Even though blood that is extracted from a living creature through bloodletting is also included in the prohibition of consuming blood, the Rabanan maintain that the only blood that is forbidden is the blood of the Nefesh, which looks black. Blood that is extracted from a living creature and does not have a black color is permitted.
4. The prohibition of Avodah Zarah was given to Bnei Noach and then repeated on Har Sinai. Since the Torah states that the seven nations were punished for worshipping Avodah Zarah, it is clear that they were not absolved of the prohibition even after it was written in the Torah and given to Klal Yisrael.
5. The only Mitzvah in this category is the Mitzvah of Gid ha'Nasheh according to the view of Rebbi Yehudah, who maintains that the Mitzvah of Gid ha’Nasheh was given to the Bnei Yakov even while they had the status of Bnei Noach. The Rabanan, however, maintain that the Mitzvah of Gid ha'Nasheh was commanded to Klal Yisrael only on Har Sinai, but in the Torah it is written in the appropriate place. According to the Rabanan, there is no Mitzvah which was given to Bnei Noach and was not subsequently repeated on Har Sinai.
6. Even though a Yisrael is permitted to take a Yefas To'ar, which is forbidden to a Ben Noach, this is not a contradiction to the general rule that nothing that is forbidden to a Ben Noach can be permitted to a Yisrael. A Ben Noach is not permitted to take a Yefas To'ar because the law of Yefas To'ar applies only to a woman who is captured in a war of conquest, and the Bnei Noach were not given the right to take any land through conquest. Thus, it is impossible for a situation to arise wherein a Ben Noach would have the opportunity to take a Yefas To'ar.
7. Even if a Beis Din prohibits something for a specified period of time, their decree remains in effect even after the time limit has passed, until they revoke their decree explicitly.
8. The Mitzvah was not given to all of the descendants of Avraham; it was given only to the descendants of Yitzchak and Yakov. Avraham himself, however, was required to circumcise all of his own children, including the Bnei Keturah.
9. Meat was prohibited until after the Great Flood, when it became permitted to Noach and his descendants. Even after it became permissible to eat meat, a Ben Noach was still forbidden to eat Ever Min ha'Chai, but a Ben Noach is permitted to eat an Ever from a live Sheretz.
10. If snakes had not been cursed, every person would have owned two snakes and would have been able to send one to the north and the other to the south, and they both would have brought back great treasures.
11. Before Adam ha'Rishon's sin, he sat in Gan Eden and the Malachei ha'Shares roasted meat which came from heaven and filtered wine for him. The snake saw this and became envious.

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