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Bava Basra 10 - This Daf has been dedicated in honor of Mrs. Betty J. Levine, by her sons from Roanoke Virginia.


1. Just as a person's income is set on Rosh Hashanah, so are his losses.
2. When Rav Papa was about to fall, he instantly thought that he was being punished like the worst evildoers.
3. Chiya bar Rav told Rav Papa that it is possible that he committed a lesser sin.
4. Any act of charity and kindness causes great peace and the creation of angels of defense for Bnei Yisrael.
5. Rebbi Elazar would give charity before praying.


1. If he is judged righteous, his "losses" equal the amount of charity that he gives. If he is not righteous, his "losses" are monies taken away by the government (see Maharsha).
2. This is because falling is like the punishment of Sekilah (which involves the sinner being pushed down from a two-story building), and people such as idolaters and Shabbos desecrators (the worst evildoers) are punished with death by Sekilah.
3. For example, a person who specifically avoids giving charity to a poor person is considered as if he served idols.
4. Charity also hastens the redemption and saves a person from death, as the verse states in Mishlei, "And charity saves from death."
5. The verse states, "And I with Tzedek will see Your face." Rebbi Elazar understood "Tzedek" as a reference to Tzedakah, charity.

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