KESUVOS 22-23 - Generously sponsored by Marsha and Lee Weinblatt of Teaneck, New Jersey. May Hashem bless them with a health, prosperity and Yiddishe Nachas from their wonderful children and grandchildren.

[23a - 49 lines; 23b - 46 lines]

1)[line 2]תרגמהTIRGEMAH- explain it [as follows: really, only one witness says that she is Mekudeshes or divorced, and one contradicts him]

2)[line 38]שבוייתאSHEVUYASA- captive women (who came with their captors)

3)[line 39]אותיב אבוה דשמואל נטורי בהדייהוOSIV AVUHA D'SHMUEL NETUREI BAHADAIHU- Avuha d'Shmuel (Shmuel's father) placed guards with them

4)[line 41]"כשגגה שיוצא...""KI'SHEGAGAH SHE'YOTZEI..."- "... like an error that proceeds from the ruler..." (Koheles 10:5) - This verse is applied to unfortunate occurrences that follow their inadvertent mention.

5)[line 42]אוקמן לשבויינהו מאבראיUKMAN L'SHAVUYINHU ME'AVRAI- they told their captors to stay outside (of the Beis Midrash)

6)[line 44]בנן דמוריין אינוןBENAN D'MORYAN INUN- they are the daughters of a sage who is an instructor of Halachah

7)[line 45]פוק איטפל בקרובותיךPUK, ITPAL BI'KEROVOSECHA- go out, take care of your relatives (marry one of them)

8)[line 47]עדים בצד אסתן ותאסרEDIM B'TZAD ISTAN V'SE'ASER?!- shall we disqualify her merely because there are witnesses in the north [who have not yet arrived to testify]?!

9)[last line]עדי טומאהEDEI TUM'AH- witnesses that she was actually violated and not merely that she was captured


10)[line 30]כל כמינהKOL KEMINAH?- is it in her power [to be believed where there are witnesses]?

11)[line 35]"[ויאמר שמשון] תמת נפשי עם פלשתים""TAMOS NAFSHI IM PELISHTIM" - "[And Shimshon said,] 'Let me die with the Pelishtim!' [And he bent (the columns) with all his strength, and the house fell on the princes and on all the people who were inside it; and the number of people that he killed in his death exceeded those that he killed in his lifetime.]" (Shoftim 16:30) (SHIMSHON DIES WITH THE PELISHTIM)

(a)Due to the treachery of his wife, Delilah, Shimshon fell into the hands of the enemy, the Pelishtim. After poking out his eyes, they took him down to the jail in Azah where they made him grind wheat, a task that was both grueling and degrading, says the Metzudas David.

(b)Meanwhile, his hair began to grow again, and so did his strength.

(c)Some time later, the princes gathered to celebrate a thanksgiving to their god Dagon, whom they held responsible for Shimshon's capture. They hauled Shimshon from his prison to amuse them with accounts of his mighty deeds and suchlike, while the large audience (3,000 men and women on the roof alone, and the house itself was packed from one end to the other) reveled at the spectacle of their enemy in his degradation.

(d)Shimshon then asked the boy who led him (in his blindness) to place his hands on the main pillars supporting the house, so that he could lean on them. He prayed to HaSh-m, imploring Him to restore his strength sufficiently to avenge one of his eyes from the Pelishtim (for the second, he would receive reward in the World to Come). With that, he heaved the two middle pillars, one with his right hand and the other with his left, and with the words, "Let me die with the Pelishtim," he brought the entire house crashing to the ground, killing many thousands of Pelishtim at once.

12)[line 42]עורריןORERIN- (lit. protestors) witnesses who testify that he is not a Kohen