[29a - 53 lines; 29b - 50 lines]

1)[line 5]כ''מK 'M- (Kol Makom) every place

2)[line 28]אורחא דמילתאORCHA D'MILSA- the standard case [when a Shali'ach needs to appoint another Shali'ach is when he becomes ill]

3)[line 29]הולךHOLECH- take, transport [this Get to my wife]

4)[line 44]ומיליU'MILEI- and words, instructions

5)[line 44]ומילי לא מימסרן לשליחMILEI LO MIMSERAN L'SHALI'ACH

(a)It is possible to make a Shali'ach (an agent) to establish all Kinyanim (acquisitions; the word "Kinyan" connotes a change of ownership or status, such as sales, gifts, Gitin, and Kidushin). The Gemara states, "Shelucho Shel Adam Kemoso," i.e. [the act performed by] the Shali'ach of a person is like [an act performed by the person] himself (Kidushin 41b).

(b)A Shali'ach can appoint another Shali'ach in his place, as long as the person who sent him has no objections. The Gemara explains that this applies only if the Shali'ach was given an object with which he was expected to effect a Kinyan (e.g., if the Shali'ach was given a Get to deliver to the person's wife). If the Shali'ach received only verbal instructions ("Milei") to execute, however, his appointment is not considered authoritative enough for the Shali'ach to appoint another Shali'ach.

6a)[line 51]ביתBAYIS- [the ground floor of] a house

b)[line 51]בעלייהALIYAH- the second story of a house

7)[last line]גיטא מעליאGITA MA'ALYA- a valid Get


8)[line 27]דקטנותא היאD'KATNUSA HI- (lit. it is of his youth) this teaching was stated while my father was young, and as such it can be refuted

9)[line 28]מידי מששא אית בהו?MIDI MESHASHA IS B'HU?- Do they have any substance (i.e. validity)?

10)[line 31]דשדרD'SHADAR- that he sent

11)[line 35]מילךMILACH- your words, i.e. the instructions of your Shelichus

12)[line 37]איכסופוICHSUFU- they were humiliated

13a)[line 37]קפחינהו רב ספראKAPCHINHU RAV SAFRA- Rav Safra "cut them down"

b)[line 38]לתלתא רבנן סמוכיLI'TELASA RABANAN SEMUCHEI- three eminent Torah Sages who have received the "Semichah" ordination

14)[line 42]אתניס בגו תלתין יומיןISNIS B'GO TELASIN YOMIN- some unexpected circumstances came up within the thirty days [and he realized that he would not be able to deliver the Get]

15)[line 47]יב''חYB'CH- (Yud Beis Chodesh) twelve months