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Ari asked:

Please clarify what the gemara means when it says that had the list only said shelamim and not specifically list the shalmei pesach we would have thought that the shalmei pesach would have been like the regular pesach-"k'pischo dami." In what way would the shalmei pesach have been similar to the regular pesach according to the hava mina?


Ari, USA

The Kollel replies:

Dear Ari,

If the regular Pesach is not brought on time there is immediately Bal T'acher for it, not after 3 Regalim, but with the passing of its first and only time - Nissan 14 (Tosfos 5b DH v'E). So too, the Shalmei Pesach which originates from Pesach would be similar and therefore with the passing of the first Regel - Pesach - there is already Bal T'acher - since that is the first time it can be brought.

Allthe best,

Reuven Weiner