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Label Cooper asked:

To allow R'Yitzchak & R'Yosef to get away with saying that the mishna quoted on 3b (1 in 1000 is osser), the gemarah says that the mishna's author could be the same as the author of litra ketziyos, namely, - There can be no Bitul since the openings are sold by number (even though we are dealing with Terumah d'Rabanan). My question is this: Even according to this Tanna of Litra Ketziyos - true that he holds bitul doesn't apply to anything sold by number, but that's because litra ketziyos is "sold by number", but an egg sometimes is NOT sold by number, and so even according to the Tanna of Litra Ketziyos an egg might still be botul.

Thanks, I hope it's not unfair to ask on a Masechtah quite out of range of current daf yomi. Hatzlochah, I deeply appreciate the notes you supply on Gemarrah.

Label Cooper, Baltimore, MD

The Kollel replies:


Sometimes Ketziyos, also, are not sold by number. That is why the Gemara says of them " Kol Davar sheb'Minyan..." (or, as Rashi 3b DH Tana says, "Davar she'Yesh Bo Minyan"). The same applies to Pumin, or the bunch of Ketziyos that filled the opening of a barrel or round container. They are in the same category as Beitzah.

Thanks for the encouragement, and be well,

-Mordecai Kornfeld