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1. Corrections on Maseches Nidah, Daf 4 and 5 2. Tzamid Pasil 3. Meshameshes b'Eid

Dr. Marc Diamond of Providence, RI, asks:


Dear Rabbi Kornfeld,

1) Question on Niddah 4b, "Background", #13

Does d'isnisah (and ne'ensa in Rash"i) mean got married or does it mean she was unable to check?

2) Question on Niddah 5a, "Answers", #3b

Is the second to last word "before" or "after"?

3) Question on Niddah 5b "Answers", #5b

Why do we care if the sheretz touched the vessels when it was alive?


Marc Diamond

The Kollel replies:

As usual, Marc, you are correct on all counts.

1) d'Isnisa means she was unable to check. (An unedited version of Background to Daf 4 was accidentally mailed out.)

2) It should have said "after," and not "before."

3) It should have said that the vessels are Tamei if the Sheretz touched them "before" it died, not "after" it died.

Thanks for keeping us on our toes!