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anonymous asks:

Tosfos says that the words taamu midi refers specifically to bread. He proves this through the gemarah in shavuos which mentions Taamu midi. However the gemarah in shavuos doesn't even mention bread nor does rashi or Tosfos there.

So how can Tosfos say that Tami midi means bread from the gemarah in shavuos when it doesn't even mention bread!!!??

anonymous, London

The Kollel replies:

Sholom Rav

This is how I understand the Tosfos in question:

Tosfos' is initially bothered by the fact that 'Te'imah' implies 'a snack', and not necessarily bread.

From the Gemara in Shevu'os however, it is clear that it sometimes means 'a meal' (which generally refers to bread).

Be'Virchas kol tuv

Eliezer Chrysler.