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1. Culpability for less than a Perutah (Tosfos) 2. Receiving Benefit for Mitzvot

Yitzchak Coffer asked:

(last 2 lines) ..."he has transgressed the prohibition of the Neder, even if the benefit

he received was worth less than a Perutah." I understand that in respect to the

Isur of chametz, according to the Torah, there is no culpability for eating less than a k'zais.

If there is a minimum amount for a person to be chayav vis a vis chametz and other

Issurim in the Torah, should there not be a leniency provided by the Torah in regard

to a person's Neder wherein he benefits less than a Perutah?

Yitzchak Coffer, Thornhill, Canada

The Kollel replies:

Those who are of the opinion that the Isur of Konam (Neder) applies to even less than a Perutah (or less than a k'Zayis where the Isur was to eat something) say that although the Isurim of the Torah have Shi'urim, the Isur of Konam is designed by the Noder, and if he wished to make even a smaller Shi'ur prohibited, he may do so and the Isur takes effect.