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Max Munk asked:

Thanx for your amazing explanation from the Vilna Ga'on on the Racham and

Rachama, the male and female birth concept, the gamatrya ect., truly amazing!!!!!

Also your explanation of the Ben Yehodaya about the letters Lamed which

preceeds the Mem and the Nun which follows it ,is awesome. And then you added your own beautiful comment about the tall Lamed, which refers to those who learn Torah for themselves only.

Yet, doesn't the word "lamed" translates into "teaching to others" ?

The Kollel replies:

That's an interesting question. The letter Lamed represents learning Torah (as the Vilna Gaon says, in explanation of the missing Lamed in the Es Sefod Es Rekod in Koheles, Kol Eliyahu #151).

One may wonder why a tall ("arrogant") letter is included in the Alef-Beis altogether. The answers is that Ga'avah has a place in this world -- for the service of Hash-m, such as learning Torah "Vayigba Libo b'Darkei Hash-m." (This is connected to the Gemara's discussion in Ta'anis 3a about Talmid Chacham Nokem v'Noter k'Nachash, and Oraisa d'Rascha Bei). So it is specifically the Lamed, the "Lomed" TOrah, who needs this degree of Ga'avah. Not in his own accomplishments, or character, of course, but in his role as representative of Hash-m's will.

Take care!