BAVA KAMA 52 - Ari Kornfeld has generously sponsored the Dafyomi publications for this Daf for the benefit of Klal Yisrael.

[52a - 41 lines; 52b - 39 lines]

1)[line 6]עדרEDER- a flock/herd

2)[line 6]משכוכיתMASHCHUCHIS- an item a person uses to draw all of the animals in the flock after him

3)[line 7]במשיכה / במסירהB'MESHICHAH / B'MESIRAH

See Background to Bava Kama 51:26.

4)[line 11]הכא תרגמוHACHA TIRGEMU- here (in Bavel) they interpreted it to mean

5)[line 11]קרקשתאKARKASHTA- a bell (RASHI)

6)[line 12]עיזא דאזלא בריש עדראIZA D'AZLA B'REISH EDRA- the goat that walks at the head of the herd (and leads it)

7)[line 13]גלילאהGELILA'AH- a Galilean

8)[line 13]כד רגיז רעיא על ענא עביד לנגדא סמותאKAD RAGIZ RA'AYA AL ANA, AVID L'NAGADA SAMVASA- when the shepherd gets angry at the flock, he makes the leader blind (so that the whole herd falls down, after the goat)

9)[line 16]כסהו כראויKISAHU KA'RAUY- he covered it appropriately

10)[line 27]ויכרות ארזיםV'YICHROS ARAZIM- cut cedar wood

11)[line 30]שהתליע מתוכוSHE'HISLI'A MI'TOCHO- it rotted (from worms) from within

12)[line 32]וארעוהV'AR'UHA- damaged it, making it weak

13)[line 34]פושע / אנוסPOSHE'A / ANUS

"Poshe'a" refers to an act of negligence on the part of the owner of the Bor, for which he is responsible. "Anus" refers to a circumstance that was beyond the owner's control, for which he is not held responsible.

14)[line 35]דאתו לפרקיםD'ASU LI'FERAKIM- that come occasionally (they do not come frequently, but they also do not come rarely)

15)[line 37]דאיבעי ליה אסוקי אדעתיהD'IBA'I LEI ASUKEI A'DA'ATEI- he should have realized


16)[line 15]איידי דנסיב רישאAIDI D'NASIV REISHA- since it was taught in the beginning of the Mishnah (the Reisha)

17)[line 28]ומנקש עליהU'MANKASH ALEI- and knock on it