[59a - 24 lines; 59b - 51 lines]

*********************GIRSA SECTION*********************

We recommend using the textual changes suggested by the Bach and the marginal notes of the Vilna Shas. This section is devoted to any other important corrections that Acharonim have pointed out in the Gemara, Rashi and Tosfos.

[1] Gemara 59a [line 11]:

"Asiri Hu d'Lo Karyei" עשירי הוא דלא קרייה

Rashi's Girsa is "Asiri Lo Karyei" עשירי לא קרייה

[2] Rashi 59a DH Iskish ד"ה איתקש:

The words "v'Es Ma'asroseichem" ואת מעשרותיכם

should be "Aser Te'aser" עשר תעשר (as is found in Rashi Kesav Yad, Rabeinu Gershom, and as quoted by Tosfos in the name of Rashi)

[3] Gemara 59b [line 12]:

The words "v'Af Al Gav d'Lo Ne'ekar ... Su Lo Midi" ואף על גב דלא נעקר... תו לא מידי

should be "Af Al Gav d'Lo Ne'ekar... v'Su Lo Midi" אף על גב דלא נעקר... ותו לא מידי

[4] Rashi 59b DH Af ha'Teshi'I : ד"ה אף התשיעי

The words "veha'Din Nosen" והדין נותן

are a new Dibur

[5] Rashi DH Achad Asar d'Ivrar Lei Asiri ד"ה אחד עשר דאיברר ליה עשירי:

The words "ul'Hachi Din Hu" ולהכי דין הוא

should be "l'Hachi Din Hu" להכי דין הוא

[6] Rashi DH Minyan ha'Ra'uy Poter ד"ה מנין הראוי פוטר:

The words "Mishum d'Havu Minyan ha'Ra'uy משום דהוו מנין הראוי

are a new Dibur, which belongs after DH l'Sochan לתוכן (and are referring to the Gemara's proof from our Mishnah) (TZON KODASHIM)

[7] Rashi DH veha'She'ar ד"ה והשאר:

The words "b'Fesach Echad" בפתח אחד

should be "b'Fesach Acher" בפתח אחר (RASHASH)


1)[line 7]עשירי מאליו הוא קדושASIRI ME'ELAV HU KADOSH- the tenth becomes sanctified as Ma'aser on its own [even if the owner did not pronounce it Ma'aser]

2)[line 14]איברר ליה עשיריIVRAR LEI ASIRI- it was clarified that it was the tenth and Ma'aser (since it walked out after the ninth)

3)[line 15]אחוי עילויהACHVI ILAVEI- he pointed to it

4)[line 19]איפטרו במנין הראויIFTERU B'MINYAN HA'RA'UY- they became exempt from Ma'aser since their ten-count was fit to be completed


5)[line 1]אלא א''כ נעקר שם עשירי הימנוELA IM KEN NE'EKAR SHEM ASIRI HEIMENU- unless the designation of "ten" was uprooted from the tenth animal by calling it "nine." The reasoning for this is that it is impossible for two animals to both be the tenth animal.