ZEVACHIM 69 (8 Tamuz) - Today's Dafyomi study is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Moshe Gottlieb, Moshe Ze'ev ben Chaim Shlomo Yosef ha'Levi z'l, who healed the sick of Jerusalem and Israel with Chesed. Dedicated by his loving family on the day of his Yahrzeit.

[69a - 47 lines; 69b - 46 lines]

1)[line 7]קמיצהKEMITZAH

See Background to Zevachim 63:3.

2)[line 11]אין מנחה בבמהEIN MINCHAH B'BAMAH- there is no such thing as a Korban Minchah offered on a Bamah (see Background to Zevachim 61:3). Accordingly, there is no instance where the Kemitzah of a non-Kohen is valid.

3)[line 15]אין קידוש בכלי שרתEIN KIDUSH B'KLI SHARES- there is no sanctification [of a Minchah] in a sacred vessel; i.e. the Minchah is placed in the vessel before the Kohen separates the Kometz

4)[line 42]דנין דבר שלא בהיכשרו מדבר שלא בהיכשרוDANIN DAVAR SHE'LO B'HECHSHERO MI'DAVAR SHE'LO B'HECHSHERO- we may derive something done not in its proper way from something else done not in its proper way (compare Background to Zevachim 51:5); i.e. if the manner of killing does not permit the bird in either place, yet it purifies the bird from Tum'ah in one place, then it necessarily purifies it from Tum'ah in the other place as well


5)[line 11]דיוDAYO- this refers to the principle, "Dayo la'Ba Min ha'Din Liyehos ka'Nidon" - it is sufficient to give the Halachah learned from a Kal va'Chomer the exact status of the Halachah from which it was learned (and not a more stringent Halachah)

6)[line 25]קרא אשכח וקדרשKERA ASHKACH VEKA'DARASH- he [too] found a verse and expounded it