NEDARIM 15 (27 Teves) - dedicated in honor of the memory of Hagaon ha'Gadol Rav Pinchas Hirschprung, well-known and much loved Rav of Montreal, Talmid of Hagaon Rav Meir Shapiro (founder of the Dafyomi study), on the day of his Yahrzeit. Dedicated by his son, Rav Yitzchak Hirschprung, may he be blessed with long years and all that he needs.


VOWS AND SHEVU'OS THAT SHOULD NOT TAKE EFFECT (Yerushalmi Perek 2 Halachah 1 Daf 5b)

האומר לאשתו הרי את עלי כאימא. ביאתך עלי כביאת אימא. כבשר אימא לא אמר כלום.


If one told his wife 'you are to me like my mother' - Bi'ah with you is like Bi'ah with my mother. If he said 'like the flesh of my mother', it has no effect.

אמר הככר הזה עלי כביאת אימא מהו.


Question: If one said 'this loaf is Alai like Bi'ah with my mother, what is the law?

נישמעינה מן הדא האומר לאשתו קונם איני משמשיך. רב אמר אסור. ושמואל אמר מותר.


Answer: We learn from the following. One who says to his wife 'Konam, I will not have Bi'ah with you' - Rav said, he is forbidden. Shmuel said, he is permitted.

מה מקיים שמואל בלא יחל דברו


Question: How does Shmuel fulfill [our Mishnah, which says that] "Lo Yachel Devaro" applies?

כאילו בל יחל דברו.


Answer: It is as if "Lo Yachel Devaro" [applies].

רב כדעתיה


Rav taught like he taught elsewhere;

תניי דבית רב פליג מניין לנדרים שהן מותרין לך מן השמים ובני אדם נוהגין בהן באיסור (כדי - נראה שצריך למחקו) שלא תהא נודר ומבטל ת"ל [במדבר ל ג] לא יחל דברו. שלא יעשו דבריו חולין.


Tana d'Veis Rav argues. [He taught,] what is the source for Nedarim, that they are permitted to you from Shamayim, and [some] people conduct Isur (they think that they take effect), that one [who knows that they are permitted] may not vow and annul [it]? It says "Lo Yachel Devaro" - he may not make his words profane. (We explained this like LEV YERUSHALAYIM citing GILYON EFRAYIM.)

שבועה שלא אישן ג' ימים מלקין אותו וישן מיד. שבועה שלא אוכל ג' ימים ממתינים אותו עד שיאכל ומלקין אותו:


[If one said] 'Shevu'ah, I will not sleep for three days' (this is impossible, so it does not take effect), he is lashed [for a vain Shevu'ah] and he may sleep immediately. 'Shevu'ah, I will not eat for three days' (this is possible, but many people will enter mortal danger), we wait until he eats, and we lash him (for a false Shevu'ah).