[29a - 13 lines; 29b - 19 lines]

1a)[line 4]קדושת דמיםKEDUSHAS DAMIM

Kedushas Damim refers to an object, the value of which is consecrated to Hekdesh. For example, our Sugya deals with saplings that will be sold by Hekdesh for their value or animals that a person consecrated to be sold in order to buy another animal as a Korban with its value (even before the first one develops a Mum).

b)[line 5]לקדושת הגוףKEDUSHAS HA'GUF

Kedushas ha'Guf refers to an object with intrinsic Kedushah, such as the utensils used in the Beis ha'Mikdash (RAMBAM Hilchos Me'ilah 6:5) or a live Korban that is used in the Beis ha'Mikdash "as is." An animal that has Kedushas ha'Guf cannot be redeemed without a Mum. In our Sugya, Kedushas ha'Guf also refers to a woman who is betrothed to her husband.

2)[line 5]פקעה בכדיPAK'AH BI'CHEDI- can go away by itself (without redemption or any other action)


3)[line 3]אמטו להכיAMATU L'HACHI- because of this

4)[line 13]שנתעכלו המעותSHE'NIS'AKLU HA'MA'OS- the money has been spent

5)[line 16]דאמירתו לגבוה כמסירתו להדיוטD'AMIRASO LA'GAVO'AH, K'MESIRASO L'HEDYOT

The act of proclaiming something as Hekdesh accomplishes the same thing as physically handing something over to a private citizen (i.e. through speech one can make a Kinyan to Hekdesh)

6)[line 18]וקא מנמנםV'KA MENAMNEM- and he was dozing