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ROSH HASHANAH 31-33 - Dedicated Dr. Shalom Kelman of Baltimore, MD. May the Zechus of helping thousands study the Torah provide a Refu'ah Sheleimah for his father, Dr. Herbert (Isser Chayim ben Itta Fruma) Kelman.


1. The Gemara explains the Mishnah's cases of cutting a Shofar on Yom Tov.
2. One may use water or wine to clean out his Shofar and shine it.
3. There is a dispute about whether we prevent women from blowing the Shofar on Rosh Hashanah.
4. The Gemara compares this dispute (#3) to the dispute about whether women are allowed to perform Semichah on Korbanos.
5. The Mishnah discusses the types of and number of sounds that must be blown with the Shofar.


1. One who cuts the Shofar with a sickle transgresses only an Isur d'Rabanan, as it is not normal to cut a Shofar with such an instrument. One who cuts the Shofar with a knife transgresses an Isur d'Oraisa.
2. However, he may not use urine to clean a Shofar, as this is disrespectful to the Mitzvah.
3. Some say that they may not blow Shofar, and that it constitutes Bal Tosif if they do. Therefore, they should be prevented from blowing. Some say that they may blow Shofar even though they are exempt from the Mitzvah.
4. Some say that they may not perform Semichah. Since they are exempt from Semichah, their act of leaning on the animal would transgress the prohibition against using a consecrated animal for personal purposes. Others say that they are permitted to perform Semichah if they so choose.
5. The Mishnah explains that the blowing of the Shofar may be done even after one has finished praying, even though, l'Chatchilah, it should be done immediately after Malchiyos, Zichronos, and Shofaros (see above, Daf 32, #2).

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