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ROSH HASHANAH 26-30 - Dedicated Dr. Shalom Kelman of Baltimore, MD. May the Zechus of helping thousands study the Torah provide a Refu'ah Sheleimah for his father, Dr. Herbert (Isser Chayim ben Itta Fruma) Kelman.


1. The Mishnah explains why Moshe raised his hands during the battle against Amalek.
2. The Mishnah relates that the same lesson applied to the copper snake made by Moshe Rabeinu.
3. A deaf-mute, an insane person, and a minor may not perform a Mitzvah to discharge the obligation of another person.
4. One may fulfill a Mitzvah on behalf of another person, even if he already has fulfilled his Mitzvah.
5. The exceptions to this rule are blessings on wine and bread.


1. This was a sign for Bnei Yisrael to look Heavenward and realize that victory comes from Hashem. With this intention they would win wars.
2. The snake on the pole clearly did not cause them to die or be healed. Rather, by looking Heavenward and realizing that they must serve Hashem, they would be saved.
3. Only people who are obligated with the same degree of Mitzvah obligation as other adults may fulfill the Mitzvah on their behalf (e.g. one who recites Kidush enables the listener to fulfill his Mitzvah by listening and answering "Amen"). Since these people are not obligated in Mitzvos, they may not fulfill the obligation for others.
4. In other words, one may recite any blessing (e.g. Kidush) or readings (Keri'as ha'Torah or Megilah) for others in order to enable them to fulfill their Mitzvah, even if he has already fulfilled it.
5. In other words, a person who does not want to eat or drink may not recite a blessing on behalf of others if he is not going to partake in that food or drink (with the exception of a blessing that is obligatory, such as Kidush).

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