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ROSH HASHANAH 19 (27 Iyar) - Dedicated by Elliot and Lori Linzer in honor of Neti Linzer's birthday.


1. The Chachamim compiled a document of significantly positive days called "Megilas Ta'anis."
2. The Gemara contrasts these days with the holidays recorded in the Torah.
3. The Gemara explains why we are more strict with regard to Megilas Ta'anis than we are with regard to the festivals mentioned in the Torah.
4. The Gemara discusses some of the days in Megilas Ta'anis.
5. The Gemara discusses whether Adar is a full month (30 days) or a partial month (29 days).


1. This is a list of days when fasting or eulogies are prohibited, due to the happy events that occurred on these days.
2. While one may not fast or give eulogies on Shabbos and the festivals, he may do so on the day before and after those days. In contrast, one may not fast or give eulogies on the day before or after the days recorded in Megilas Ta'anis.
3. Since Shabbos and the festivals are mentioned in the Torah, everyone will observe them and protect their sanctity, and they do not need to be strengthened by prohibiting fasting before or after them. In contrast, the days in Megilas Ta'anis were instituted by the Rabanan, and thus they need to be "strengthened" by prohibiting fasting and eulogies even on the day before and after.
4. For example, on the 28th of Adar the Jews were saved from an imminent decree of the Greeks prohibiting Torah study, Bris Milah, and Shabbos observance. The decree was rescinded after they staged a successful, peaceful protest against the passing of this decree.
5. Rebbi Simai testified in the name of the prophets Chagai, Zecharyah, and Malachi that Beis Din may make each of the two Adars either a 30-day month or a 29-day month. Rav says that generally Beis Din makes only the first Adar a full month, and the second Adar a partial month.

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